Monday, August 25, 2008

FlashGet-Mini v1.2.0.1039 English-Chinese-German

FlashGet-Mini v1.2.0.1039 (1.2) 2008-08-20
BugFix Release from FlashGet VIP Forum arrived - Official Changelog
This Release Build is from 22.08.2008! a internal Version a head after 1039 Build named.

- BT Download can not be set the maximum connections at once. If use a router by 3 or 4 torrents downloads you can reach 1200 and more connections which produce your router will reboot or drop the internet connection. Tested with 700 connections at once Router equiped with 500 Mhz CPU + 32 MB Catch thats max limit.

- FTP Download doesn't work by our tests

Hit Ctrl+Alt to skip download with FlashGet. If Reget is installed, links will be taken over.

- FlashGet-Mini v1.2.0.1039 No Kuaiche (ShareURL service) - No Stats/No Ads Release -
No ShareURL service and Adware as written here:

Patched Changes:

- Kuaiche web search to international Search engine
- Stats, ShareURL and add to online directory removed
- Info.exe (send stats, share url service to this file from flashget.exe removed)
- Button Main Dialog Speed DL - UL space added / Display fix
- > to Rising Global site / if no AV is installed

- removed
- removed
- removed

- (part from ShareURL and include the URL in Online Directory service) removed
- removed

- removed
- removed

- stats send/receive + ShareURL service removed

- stats send/receive + ShareURL service removed

+ small corrections

+ English size corrected

German Language file can be renamed from Language-deu.xml to Language-eng.xml
to make the application German/Deutsch:
FlashGet-Mini Deutsche Sprach Datei (German Language File):
Language-eng.xml 28.11 KB - Mirror - DDL1 - DDL2
Umbenennen der Datei Language-deu.xml zu Language-eng.xml und in das FlashGet Verzeichnis kopieren

Updated! Installer using Winrar sfx BHO will be registered

FlashGet-Mini v1.2.0.1039 Ads Free Setup Installer

+ small makeup to the search button to make it visable
+ Add BHO Browser Click Download regsvr

Ads Free Installer Download: flashget_mini_v1.2.0.1039_setup.exe 2.27 MB - DDL


Manuall methode to replace files:
Download Installer: 3.15 MB

Patched replacment files:
Overwrite all files (done from the installer above) with this patched/ads/comm/stats free Download: flashget_mini_v1.2.0.1039.rar 2.12 MB - DDL

Please check in Router log or other connection monitoring/logging tools if forgot anything. Write comment if it still send anything to "unknown" home. Application should be clean and save now!
Tested all possible entries to urls as written here:
It's gone and save! Startup Registry entry to disable => Start FlashGet deselect in Option Menu

It does not install any Adware and FlashGet Adware removal from XBlock ( is by FlashGet-mini not required.

Filemirror search can be implemented by the removed/disbled urls in the files:{filename}&sort=Title&size={filesize}&db=Mirrors

filename = %s / in code , q=%s

If you installed previews (older) Versions, uninstall 1st. Run CCleaner Slim v2.18 latest version


other builds

flashgetmini_v12_blue.rar 2.35 Mo - Téléchargé 1 fois

flashgetmini_v12_blue.exe 3.46 Mo - Téléchargé 0 fois

flashgetbho.txt 0.01 Mo - Téléchargé 16 fois

flashget_network.rar 2.49 Mo - Téléchargé 0 fois

flashget_mini_v1.2.0.1039_setup.exe 2.38 Mo - Téléchargé 0 fois

flashget_mini_v1.2.0.1039.rar 2.23 Mo - Téléchargé 0 fois

flashget_en_v2.13.0.1202av_bho_search.exe 3.16 Mo - Téléchargé 1 fois

flashget_en_v2.13.0.1202av_bho.exe 2.56 Mo - Téléchargé 1 fois

flashget_en_v2.11.0.1186av_bho.exe 2.24 Mo - Téléchargé 0 fois

flashget_en_v2.11.0.1186av.exe 2.26 Mo - Téléchargé 0 fois

flashget_en_v2.11.0.1186_bho.exe 2.17 Mo - Téléchargé 0 fois

flashget_en_v2.11.0.1186.exe 2.17 Mo - Téléchargé 0 fois

flashget.rar 1.13 Mo - Téléchargé 1 fois

flashget.en_adsfree_v2.11.0.1186_re.rar 2.55 Mo - Téléchargé 0 fois


Anonymous said...

Mirrors for Installer (not patched)

updated to 1039

Anonymous said...

hello gentlemen
if you are interested, i've fixed flashget mini

- revisited english errors in translation
- fix firefox extension so it now works properly
- replace tcp/ip patcher with a more secure and clean one
- replace call home with in all files (dlls and main exe)

IlLusioN said...


will appreciate if you can provide a download link to the fixed version.


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