Friday, August 15, 2008

VeryCD easyMule 1.0.4 080815 beta

VeryCD easyMule 1.0.4 080815beta
VeryCD eDonkey (easyMule) 1.0.4 080815beta [2008-08-15]
* To improve and optimize the user interface refresh the show efficiency
* To strengthen the IP address filtering, shielding invalid server list
* Interface Optimization: Import unfinished task, directly into the interface, enter the file path
* Interface optimized: the option is set to add pop to download and complete the task of news tips
* Interface optimized: the option of setting the commencement of proceedings when the load resources Home
* Fixed bug: choose to download directory / Import task of the directory can not choose when mapping network drives
* Fixed bug: Click VeryCD resources of the search results page will pop up when the new label
* Improve the code dealing with a number of interface and fix minor problems



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