Saturday, May 26, 2007

uTorrent 1.7 Build 1977 beta

1.7 Build 1977 Beta
2007-05-22: Version 1.7 (build 1977)
- Change: use radio marks for Bandwidth Allocation menu items instead of check marks
- Fix: When installing to user profile directory uTorrent now tries to be smarter in choosing a localized program files directory name
- Fix: Work around a Wine bug where getsockname() returns success but keeps passed in port at 0 if socket already bound; thus uTorrent would itself reset back to port 0 if it was already in use
- Fix: Don't scroll general tab horizontally since it has no horizontal scrollbar


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Share Mirrors: utorrent-1.7-beta-1977.rar - utorrent-1.7-beta-1977.rar.html - utorrent-1.7-beta-1977.rar -

Blue EdiTion: (Mirror) - (Mirror)

Emulation uTorrent 1.6: utorrent-1.7-beta-1977.emu1.6.exe
Emu x10 Leecher: utorrent-1.7-emu1.6.mult10-leecher.exe (Mirror)

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