Thursday, May 10, 2007

Emule 0.48a Beta2 Released

Changelog since Beta1:

0.48a BETA2
- May, 08. 2007 -
Ornis: Changed to wizzard to set file proper file permission on installed config files
.: Fixed another Bug in the SourceExchange, which caused eMule to not response to requests in certain cases [Xman1]
.: Sorting for cumulative stats in the sharedfiles list is now properly remembered when restarting eMule
.: The "Disable UDP" and Enable "Kad" options now exclude eachother [leuk_he]
.: Fixed a bug in UPnP when the UDP port has been disabled by the user [leuk_he]
.: IRC optional serverports should work prorperly now
.: Fixed a bug in IRC when receiving ed2k links from other users
.: Added a excess flood protection for eMule IRC responses

- May, 05. 2007 -
.: The Spam indicator icon has been replaced [icon by Daan]
.: The first time wizzard is now using the proper ports when testing UPnP in case a user has changed the ports in the wizzard
.: Fixed eMule (error-)handling for files whose paths exceed the operation system pathlength limit
.: If eMule started the Windows UPnP Service but failed to forward ports via UPnP it will shutdown the service afterwards
.: Added an option to disable smileys
.: Fixed a small memleak in the smileyselector window

read more:
eMule v.048a BETA1


Official Downloads:
v0.48a BETA2 - Installer

v0.48a BETA2 - Binary Mirror: (2.67 MB) - DDL:

v0.48a BETA2 - Sources

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