Thursday, May 31, 2007

µTorrent 1.7 Build 2228 Beta

Changes in µTorrent Version 1.7 (build 2228)

- Feature: allow > 65k pieces in the torrent creator (if piece size is >= 1mB)

Changes in µTorrent Version 1.7 (build 2224)

- Feature: support > 65535 pieces (now 4294967295 is max)
- Change: don't turn off "check association on startup" if the user says no to the dialog (use the settings to turn it off)
- Change: Display an error dialog if the user types in an invalid path on a single file torrent for the "..." button
- Change: case insensitive hosts in flags.conf
- Change: RSS title parsing
- Change: Implement home, end, pageup, and pagedown selection with shift or control keys in the addtorrent dialog treeview
- Change: Some changes to make up, down, home, end, pageup, and pagedown keys in the addtorrent dialog treeview behave more like the old listview
- Fix: fix duplication connection race condition
- Fix: in filenames, replace trailing spaces with underscores (since Windows does not allow it)
- Fix: repair settings files with duplicate entries (and log about it)
- Fix: rss.start_matches broken with certain settings
- Fix: Dump memory info crash on Vista
- Fix: Would end up not rate limiting local peers if already connected before discovery and they were not on the local subnet
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Anonymous said...

Will you be putting out mods for this version? I just wish someone would make a BitTorrent client that connected to at least 50-75% of the Seeders before it even started connecting to the Peers!

WebZA said...

2 much broken in this build:
- in 2228 download individual limit is broken (global limit work)

- force re-check doesn't work in 2228

- possible timing count. by Scheduler by some os conf.

Think there comes tomorrow or saturday a fixed version.

...waiting till monday. Maybe end of next week a final comes

Did extract got more than 12 mb but 2 much todo.

Please wait for a better build.

The idea is good. I think it is possible to do that. You mean connect to peers in delay

Anonymous said...

is the point traffic shaping by isp?

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