Wednesday, May 30, 2007

eMule 0.47c Neo Mule v4.25 HighTime Edition

Neo Mule v4.25 HighTime Edition

Share Level[Dazzle]
Share Options[Dazzle]
Part File/Friendboost[KTS]
Community Boost/Anticomm Punish
Manual Kick/Ban/Push/Add2IpFilter
some little changes in Score System
u find all Prefs on the Neo Options Page
based on NeoMule v4.25

Original Changelog:

updated to 0.47c
fixed many bugs
added funynick
removed ISP-T

Download: eMule 0.47c NeoMule v4.25 HighTime Edition bin.rar (3.16 MB)

I found this little bit older mod and want to share it here.
Keep it up this great work buddys!
Thanks, Greez Dave7

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