Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dc++ Stealth (StrongDc stealth Edition v1.2) Strong DC++ RC9 - MyStealth 1.2

StrongDC++ RC9 - Stealth Edition by Smasher
MyStealth Version 1.2
Add better NoUpload
Add higher FakeShare
Add FakeSlot System
Add HideHUB System
Remove Uploadratio

To activate upload, disable the stealth function and restart strong dc (see screenshot settings).

-- StrongDC++ 1.00 RC9 --
*** WARNING ***
This update will change all your config files and queues, and it is
very probable that you won't be able to revert back to an older version
once the update has been done!!!
Also, finish your queue file before upgrading if you care for your
international filenames in it - they will not be correctly converted.
*** WARNING ***
* fixed progressbar drawing in upload queue
* added item to remove offline users for multiple files
* added average share size (THX Corvik)
* added webserver (PhantomDC++, THX Chmelic for web-interface)
* fixed bug with crash on startup on old Windows (THX Prologic)
* readded kick messages history
* fixed crash on readd source
* updated to PCRE 5.0
* moved the core structures to UTF-8 to allow correct internationalisation
* fixed 100% CPU usage when downloading TTH tree for large files
* fixed columns in Finished uploads
* hopefully fixed buffer overrun
* stored TTH tree is loaded at startup
* items with 1 user are displayed without [+]
* added option to set minimum search interval
* added userlist colors settings (iDC++)
* improved debug commands (DCDM++)
* fixed crash when invalid regular expression was used
* option to expand new search results (BCDC++ SVN)
* grant slot connects immediately (BCDC++ SVN)
* don't reconnect when chunk done at the end of file (THX Liny)
* updated to WTL 7.5.4291
* hopefully fixed transfers deadlock
* fixed crash when importing theme
* added rmDC++ 0.403B[7] and 0.403D[1] detection with DC++ emulation
* queue progressbars display verified blocks
* added option to disable realtime queue updating (to decrease CPU usage)
* added option to suppress main chat (zDC++)
* fixed occassional deadlock when trying to open queue window
* changed progressbars appearance
* fixed bug when sharing whole root folder
* TTH tool hashes in his own thread (THX Prologic)
* added main menu item to open indexing process status (fulDC)
* fixed downloading when temporary file of full size already exists
* updated to ZLIB 1.2.2
* removed removing diacritics from international chars
* colors change immediately w/o restart (CZDC++)
* added country flags (CZDC++)
* you can choose active/passive mode for each favorite hub
* added main menu item Open my filelist (fulDC)
* improved slow downloads disconnecting (seconds!!!; when segm. downloading only; fixed No Free Block)
* fixed moving subfolders in queueframe
* added file:// protocol support in chat
* fixed No Free Block when decompression error occurs
* added option to switch userlist to horizontal view (DCDM++)
* real elapsed time is displayed in transferview
* added Pause Search button (CZDC++)
* added option to limit maximum simultaneous files (default = 15)
* fixed bug with losing search results
* time to next search is displayed
* added option to enable/disable antifragmentation method
* segments have fixed size and no reconnect is needed when block's finished

-- StrongDC++ 1.00 RC8 --
* away is saved when exiting
* slow downloads disconnecting can be enabled/disabled for each file
* added missing button Downloaded MP3 info on toolbar
* added Copy menu to tab context menu of hub
* added setting to switch to old Share UI
* added confirmation when removing file from TransferView
* added percentage progress of TTH checking
* added button to sound preview in settings
* added 2 items to tab context menu of user's filelist
* added balloon tips for a few events
* added icons to queue to display if TTH tree is available
* search spy supports searching by TTH
* settings files are stored to separated folder (iDC++) - move your .xml files to Settings folder
* filelist is updated after hashing is finished (CZDC++)
* added background image (DCDM++)
* added progressbar to Upload queue (iDC++)
* added option to add magnet link to queue (CZDC++)
* added waiting time and added time to upload queue (CZDC++)
* synchronized with CVS DC++ 0.40325
* updated to WTL 4.5.4196
* search filter is activated after pressing Enter
* search queue has delay 30 seconds
* upload queue code moved to UI thread (against deadlock)
* chat/PM logs are arranged to subfolders
* optimized item grouping in Transfers
* only sources with the same TTH are listed in "Download to" menu
* improved colors settings
* fixed search filter when columns are't sorted in default way
* fixed memory leak when NetLimiter is detected
* fixed memory leak when hashing finished file (THX PPK)
* fixed random crash when removing TestSUR on disconnect
* fixed bug when starting to download MP3 info
* fixed user-defined compression level
* fixed a few possible deadlocks
* fixed list drawing on Win2000
* fixed user icons after get user response

-- StrongDC++ 1.00 RC7 --
* when Tiger Tree is available, only corrupted blocks are redownloaded
* added a button on toolbar to enable/disable sounds
* grouping search results by TTH under 1 item with [+]
* added search filter (supports regexp)
* added new user checking
* added an item to remove offline users from queue
* added some new sound events
* added a few items to popupmenu on segmented downloads
* added online/offline/away icons to Favorite users
* autosearching alternates copied from RevConnect
* search queue against searchspam with delay 15 seconds (RevConnect)
* some news and changes from CZDC++
* highlighted search results that are already in your queue (PhantomDC++)
* added reconnection attempt if download reaches 0 B/s (DCDM++)
* added option to report alternate search send in status bar (CZDC++)
* added option to load few last lines of private message (CZDC++)
* synchronized with CVS DC++ 0.404
* improved commands receiving from clients (CZDC++)
* autodrop slow sources can be disabled
* compression is defaultly on and should work with segmented downloading
* NetLimiter is detected if StrongDC++ is limited only
* removed Flood cache for progressbars
* removed Don't send tag feature
* userfilter rewritten + regular expressions
* splash screen isn't Always on top
* improved new version updating (oDC++)
* improved magnet handling (BCDC++)
* improved segment downloading that ensures good file integrity (THX Liny)
* improved client profiles (DCDM++)
* changed menus to XP look (zDC++)
* changed About dialog look (oDC++)
* changed crash dialog look
* fixed bug in DC++ emulation (THX PPK)
* fixed bug in share settings
* fixed memory leak in SearchFrame
* fixed bug with case-sensitive nicks on Toomaxx
* fixed sound on own nick
* fixed impossibility download from clients based on DC++ 0.402 CVS and above
* fixed away on minimize
* fixed Import theme
* fixed loading RAW commands
* fixed connecting to user, which has multiple files in queue, when downloading at max segments
* fixed upload sorting in transferview

-- StrongDC++ 1.00 RC6 --
* tabs from CZDC++
* fixed preview in Settings
* autodrop sources slower than 1 kB/s, checking every 20 seconds
* fixed crash on receiving $MyInfo from Robocop
* changes in segmented downloading
* fixed loading and saving OP's colours
* hashing has IDLE priority
* grouping multiple sources under 1 item with [+] (experimental)
* added option to search files with TTH only
* fixed freeze on Tukan
* added missing item Copy TTH in searchframe
* added item Bitzi Lookup in searchframe (RevConnect)
* TTH string can be copied to clipboard in TTH tool
* TTH tool displays magnet-link
* Message appears on progressbar while hashing finished downloads
* magnet-links support (CZDC++)
* low priority on minimize (only Win2000/XP)
* autosearch exact file name is disabled on default
* fixed command /me in chat
* improved receiving hub's commands (CZDC++)
* added option to set maximum emoticons in one chat message (CZDC++)
* option to remove diacritics from Czech chars (CZDC++)
* debug commands (DCDM++)
* option to autosave queue in time interval
* queue backup is created on save
* compression allowed only with clients >= 0.307
* changes from last DC++ CVS 0.402
* fixed popupmenu when userlist is hidden
* hopefully fixed chat scrolling
* client profiles are compatible with DCDM++
* simple NetLimiter detection
* added progressbar to queueframe (CZDC++)
* autopriority mode (PhantomDC++)
* fixed crash on slow downloads disconnecting
* added special progressbars for segments where downloaded segments are displayed (CZDC++)
* added Nick column into Search spy frame
* treeview for setting share folders, not existed folders are automatically removed (PossumMod)
* alternative sources are searched by TTH in TransferView popupmenu
* minimum segment size is set automatically by filesize
* upgraded to WTL 7.5
* added feature to display bandwidth in description
* updated to STLPort 4.6.2
* corrupted file is redownloaded in 10 seconds

Download Strong DC++ RC9 - MyStealth 1.2:
strongdc_stealth_edition_v1.2.rar (3.74 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror) - (DDL)

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