Wednesday, May 9, 2007

eMule 0.47c PimP ReVoluTioN 2.17d

Code Base ZZUL


Fixed Some crashes while performing the NEW Community-XS (*evil code was broken*)
Added Some New Features to Applejuice which will improve Performance (BETA STATUS)
Fixed Some Minor Bugs
Merged Some CodeParts up to 48a (not full merged, will work on it)
Added TOP-FILE Index for Community (BETA Status, just for testing...) (Nothing which can you bring in trouble is send!!!! Just some stats in DEBUG)

Fixed Some CodeParts in Community-Code to safe some Sercurity Issues
Added NEW Identification For Members
Added NEW Safe AppleJuice Protocol

Fixed Some new Code Parts around DBR
Changed Some Code around Community
Added NEW Community
Added Import Parts
Added NEW Community-XS
Added NEW KAD System for Community
Added New Score-System (Community)
Added Netfinitys Fakealyzer

Changed Some CodeParts around DBR
Fixed some leaks in Comm-Code
Added NEW Community

Enhanced AppleJuice v1.1 now
Fixed Again some BUGS aound AppleJuice :-(
Fixed Some Display Tweaks which should save us some CPU-cycles
Added New Column to CommunityList for AppleJuice

Fixed Some BUGS around AppleJuice
Enhanced Some Functions at AppleJuice
Added NEW CommunityList and removed the old! (means it will look like all other Lists)
Updated Made some Code optimizations
Fixed A Security Issue at Comm-Identification

Changed Visual Styles ((modified)MenuXP, GroupBox, Nice ToolBar) (NeoMule, X-Ray) *a lil bit to much purple isn´t it ^^
Changed Some Code of Community-List to optimize the speed
Removed IRC
Fixed AppleJuice... I made a mistake SORRY for this!!! Now it should be activated *grin* (See NOTE)
Added Show Clients Percentage of download (as wished ^^ )
Added Show downloading Files in Bold
Added Show downloading Files in Color (changeable in Prefs)
Added More Statistik about Community ( Community-Mods now included)
Added Source Cache (Xman)
Added UPnP Support (emulefuture) See on Tweaks-Pref
Updated Dynamic Block Request Code
Fixed Community.... it will work again and more powerfull as ever... Hope no security issue anymore...

eMule 0.47c PimP ReVoluTioN 2.17d bin.rar (1.67 MB) - (Mirror) - (DDL)
eMule 0.47c PimP ReVoluTioN 2.17c

eMule 0.47c PimP ReVoluTioN 2.17d - bin.rar
eMule 0.47c PimP ReVoluTioN 2.17c - bin.rar
eMule 0.47c PimP ReVoluTioN 2.17b - bin.rar
eMule 0.47c PimP ReVoluTioN 2.17 - bin.rar

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