Tuesday, May 29, 2007

eMule 0.48a ZZULtimativ 1.6 Beta

eMule v0.48a [ZZULtimativ v1.6]
Compiled: 465BAAECh 29/05/2007 04:24:12 chksm: 0059851Dh

Download: ZZULtimativ_1.6_Beta.7z (1.69 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror) eDiTion tweaked: ZZULtimativ_1.6b.exe (1.82 MB)

rem:> this is NOT a official build. Do not awaiting that it get confirmed till it's public for YOU! if you don't belong to X and be just a simple user. 1.6 based on eMule 0.47 got on a few places confirmed that it is "only for friends" done. Guess 1.7, 1.8 all are downloaded in emule net from the same German IP range are just minor fixes before V. 1.5 public based on emule 0.48 (testing purpose) :) Spalshscreen fakes are on the other places in www! However it's a great mod maybe one of the best out there!
THIS IS NOT A FAKE! The existence, cause it's "internal" know only 7 People who have access and a unknown number of other access "groups" direct from it's source of Development, construction, so don't await a public statement of the existence for this Version and if so then "only for friends"!


eMule 0.48a ZZULtimativ 1.6 B2

ZZULtimativ 1.6 Beta 2

+ Dropsystem with Dropbuttons[KTS/LSD/2BC]
+ ShowFriendsOnQueueDialog
+ some code Optimations from netfinity,dazzle,wizard,Morph
+ don't remove static servers
+ Colors for Low ID/Friends/friendslot/community/Downloading files
+ changed some other optical stuff (in Preferences,Symbols etc.)
+ better passive source finding[XMan]
mL changes:
+ Updated most Codeparts to ZZUL_20070513-2310
+ Extended CleanUp[Xman/Maella]
+ ClientAnalyzer Score Column in QueueList[pP]
+ choosable Slotspeed[pP]
+ better SlotSpeed[Spe64]
+ queued disc-access for read/flushing-threads[Xman]
+ SourceCache[Xman]
+ Quickstart[TPT/Stulle]
+ Reask Source After IP Change V2[Xman/Maella/Stulle]
+ Clear Banlist[pP]
+ moved UPNP Options to ZZULtimativ Prefpage
- official UPNP
+ UPNP[XMan]
+ Massrename in Downloadlist[Morph/XMan]
+ Show Requested Files[Sivka/XMan]
+ HashProgress[02/Xman]
+ Fix Crash at Shutdown[Sirob]
+ Show >> when uploading and << when downloading in Status[Xman]
+ don't AddDeadsource in disconnected[Xman]
+ readded bool CPartFile::HashSinglePart(UINT partnumber) Flush Thread/Safehash: need the mono threaded hashing when shutting down otherwise the partfile must be rehashed on next startup[Xman]
+ filter outgoing server connections[Xman]
+ Fix Filtered Block Request[Xman/Sirob]
+ Send user agent as firefox for http downloads when obfucscation enabled [Xman/leuk_he]
+ SortingFix for Morph-Code-Improvement Don't Refresh item if not needed[Xman]
+ Some other Code Optimations and possible crashfixes by XMan,Maella,Wizard,Sirob,ilmira
+ P2PThreat - Detect worms that could be harmful to the network or eMule[netfinity]
- removed always ban if anticomm & antimod and unbanning from antimod

Download: ZZULtimativ_1.6_Beta2 v2.7z (1.69 MB) - (Mirror) - (DDL)

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