Saturday, May 5, 2007

Shareaza - L33cher Edition v1.7 SR2 SMASHER

Leecher Edition by Smasher - Version 1.7 SR2

- Update to
- Remove Uploadratio
- Remove Connectionlimits
- Add Community***
- Add No Upload Functions***
- Add no upload for "No Uploader"*
- Add upload only partial files**
- Add hide all shares*
- Add wait-request-limit to 1-60 minutes*
- Add ask ServiceProvider on startup
- Add update server.met on startup**
- Add connect only to HighID eDonkey Server
- Add other Torrent-Client identification***
- Add block advertising from eDonkey Server*
- Add multi eDonkey-Server connect**
- Add individual BitTorrent-Fake-Upload dynamic Ratio***
- Add emulate eMule-Client identification*
- Add eDonkey NickThief*
- Add eDonkey ModThief*
- Add connect only to favorites eDonkey-Servers**
- Add BackUp Temp-Files*
- Add generate random Personal-GUID on startup, after x day(s)**
- Add Fakeranking*
- Add ignore IP Filter*
- Add preview with extern player
- Add Auto ReAsk for new Sources*
- Add send fake Max-Upload-Bandwith**
- Add upload-transfer limit**
- Add simple Search-History
- Add Securty Update
- Add forced eDonkey-Server source search
- Add on-the-fly CPU optimizing (MMX, MMX2, SSE, SSE2)
- Add IP2Country support (uses ip-to-country.csv)****
- Add faster source connection
- Add last seen complete in search window (show in tooltip if available)
- Add FakeCheck support (show in tooltip if available; uses fakes.dat)****
- Add eMule MOD Tag read support
- Add No Tracker Report**
- Add startup sound
- Change complete state strategy
- Change Connect-HUB-Limit to 20

*Special-Features only works for Public members of!
**Special-Features only works for Premium+ members of!
***Special-Feature works restricted for non Public/Premium+ members of!
****Update support ZIP, RAR and ACE (RAR need unrar.dll and ACE need unacev2.dll)

Note: All connection-limits for Windows-XP SP2 removed, please patch your
tcpip.sys! Patcher download from .

Shareaza - L33cher Edition v1.6 by 3MASHER

Copy Shareaza.exe to your Shareaza folder and overwrite the old Shareaza.exe

Changelog / Features

- Update to -
- Add No Upload Function -
- Remove Uploadratio for eDonkey Network and Torrent Network -
- Add BitTorrent Anonymous v2 -
- Add BitTorrent-Fake-Upload dynamic Ratio -
- Add Auto-Source-Scanner -
- Add simple Search-History -
- Change wait-request-limit to 1 minute -
- Change Connect-HUB-Limit to 10 -

Important: BUG FIX !

When you delete a file in Shareaza it's possible Shareaza crashed !
In that case you must run the shareaza_mod_1.6_fix.exe... however,
it's better to run shareaza_mod_1.6_fix.exe anyway !

ShareazaPlus v2.3.0.0i.exe (3.79 MB) Mirrors

Shareaza - Leecher Edition v1.7 sr2 by smasher.rar (10.96 MB)
old Version:
Shareaza - Leecher Edition - (Mirror) - (Mirror)

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