Friday, May 25, 2007

eMule 0.48a Silver Surfer 2.3a Beta modified by dlarge


eMule 0.48a Silversurfer 2.3a Beta
based on eMule 0.47c eMuleFuture 0.4
modified by dlarge

changelog 2.3:

- merged to 0.48a

- added Fakalyzer (netfinity)
- added Advanced orig eMule Faetures (Leuk_he/dlarge)
- added Drop Buttons in Transferwindow (LSD/dlarge)
- readded Web Browser (EMF Implentation)
- changed Codeparts from Fade out/Ip2Country for Vista (dlarge)
- fixed Bug in Mass Rename (dlarge)
- fixed Bug for Invisible Mode (dlarge)
- fixed Bug for crashed in Tray (dlarge)
- fixed Bug in Client Percentage (dlarge)
- small Optimations in Downloadlist (dlarge)
- removed UPNP (EMF Implentation) not used
- removed Smart Category Control for the Time (worked not correctly in 0.48)
- removed SafeHash for the Time (worked not correctly in 0.48)
- removed New Sharedwindow (TPT/EMF) for Test
- removed static MobilMule (EMF Implentation)
- updated Ger.dll

Download: SilverSurfer -Binary + Source- @

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