Wednesday, May 30, 2007

eMule 0.48a MorphXT v9.6 Most Wanted 1.1.0

eMule v0.48a [MorphXT v9.6 Most Wanted 1.1.0]

eMule Morph Most Wanted

Current release: 1.1.0

eMule Morph Most Wanted is an improved version of the well-known Morph XT mod for eMule, adding new features, like the SSE compilation-time optimization in order to improve the file sharing, and other minor improvements in GUI, a moderated memory consumption and many other little improvements to optimize your use of eMule.

Of course, eMule Morph Most Wanted includes also all the improvents that the Morph XT team makes to the offcial code of eMule.

Changelog for eMule 0.47c MorphXT v9.2 Most Wanted 1.1.0
28 May-2007
MERGED: Merged to 0.48a eMule official release
MERGED: Merged to 9.6 Morph XT code
IMPROVED: Most Wanted UI elements redone from scratch
ADDED: Button on the search window to make easy for the end user the task of clearing his/her searchlist
ADDED: Strings that were on spanish on previous releases have been succefully localised to english
ADDED: eMule ask exit dialog has been rearanged, the original was a bit 'unconfortable'
REMOVED: The SSE 2 release has been removed from this awaiting the feedback of users from the previous SSE 2 release
REMOVED: Many configuration files that were not needed are not included with this release in order to prevent 'config overwrintings'

Changelog for eMule 0.47c MorphXT v9.2 Most Wanted 1.0.8
13 Jan-2007
ADDED: Stealth community fix has been implemented (Fix by tHeWiZaRdOfDoS)
ADDED: eMule Morph Most Wanted now supports SSE 2, if you have a SSE2 capable processor use the emule_sse2.exe
instead of the emule.exe (eMule.exe and emule_sse2.exe are only bundled TOGHETHER with the installer)
Use eMule.exe if using the SSE2 Binaries Package
ADDED: MediaInfo DLL is now bundled with the release to identify advanced properties of the media files like
bitrate, codec, etc.
CHANGED: Splash screen was replaced in this release and is "redesigned"
CHANGED: Minor changes with little relevance like adding includes, etc

Changelog for eMule 0.47c MorphXT v9.2 Most Wanted 1.0.7
13 Dec-2006
CHANGED: Compilation-time optimizations were done in order to improve memory usage
CHANGED: Splash screen changed due to Christmas time

Changelog for eMule 0.47c MorphXT v9.2 Most Wanted 1.0.6
30 nov-2006
Initial Release
ADDED: Recompiled with SSE to improve performance
IMPROVED: RSS Feeds, you can read news within eMule with the bundled feeds
IMPROVED: Some interface elements have been rearranged
ADDED: The eMule.exe file has is checksummed

You can download the client from these links

Installer of eMule Morph Most Wanted 1.1.0

ed2k elink for the release

SSE Binary version of eMule Morph Most Wanted 1.1.0

ed2k elink for this binary

Source Code for the 1.1.0 build

ed2k elink for sources

Homepage: Sourceforge project site -

Download Bin: eMule 0.48a MorphXT-Most Wanted-SEE v1.10 29.05.07 (5.41 MB) - (Mirror)
Download Installer: eMule 0.48a MorphXT-Most Wanted-SEE v1.10 29.05.07 installer.exe (4.61 MB)

All files of this Project:

The connected Community on Souceforge by this project development (links are on the mod homepage) share a large range of WAREZ Pirated Software so it might be a good client if it's done for this usage of them Community Forums reg. Member content section of Movie, commercial software etc.. exchange. Check it out!

3r Ch4mp1 Posts on the emule mod project community CCM5.
Don't use Leecher Mods for Movies and CD ISO's (Games) as on
reg. Forum section.
Caution the Comments and posts can be wrong!
If not it might be difficult for a community gpl/gnu emule coder to watch his source as the community he createt for and belong to as Admin contains warez downloads of commercial software which is in weight by breaking licenses of copyright of corse not the same as a emule gnu/gpl mod. The download sources link to and should be clean, just some website advertisment documents with links inside the download files are hosted.


3r Ch4mp1 said...

If this is a leecher mod, this must be removed.

It highly differs the official exe, so it has been modified, the source code must be released.

WebZa Telekom Ltd. Test Res. said...

The code source is above. If not maybe on the other 1000+ pages and forums or in them forum databses. This mods are not for usage in the public internet! You can use it in homenetwork as long it is not connected to the internet!
The page index just like a search engine available results and print it on this site like a newsfeed.
If you have questions please contact via Fax +49 1212 666-666-888 including documents who prove that you are a license holder and have permission to do a request.
Email: tt1[at] to request the formulars for legalisation, fill it out and send back so we can provide the source if google can't help or other search engines such as emule, torrent and websearch.

Anonymous said...

He mean the comment not the post. Are there moderators or everyone can comment in a democratie? If Moderators and the site is German them law says German Mods are responcable for comments done by user.

Anonymous said...

Nar solitius, do upx -d or if its pe unpe it to see and check it first if its same or not. Unpack if its exe packed just like unzip unrar and all this things, you know computer programs? look in header whats the sig and use the right unpacker.
after that see the same as original. upx and lza,.. the most are open source exe packer my friend.

Anonymous said...

Whats up the source on sourceforge is a fake???

ZA tech said...

3r Ch4mp1
should please contact tt1(at)no-log(dot)org
if the post on blog is in his ownership gpl gnu reg. and the emule is wrong so we remove it but there dozend of German, Nederland forums a lot of Server in China, Taiwan who have host the same file. I think the direct download sources (databases of webserver hostings, ftp, emule net ip) are his matter in first. The builds here for demonstration not for usage online fileshaing use in Home network to test as it's written. The link is from sourceforge above.

Anonymous said...

What does he want. The community for that the client is done by developer share warez. so if the client here should be removed I think the forums who use it is the headquater and have to be removed from it's hosting before. the url is added by the client if you download it in emule by all his members, users as well on the developer page. So whats first gpl gnu breaker or the hardcore part they build it for to remove? It's up to the developer of this community client as its branded.

Anonymous said...

Mister, i remove this emule build cause of GNU, GPL if it break this rules but I let remove the 2 forums hostings for them you do create this emule mod client as a community client cause of commercial license breaks in 485 positions of pirated software plus the sourceforge hosting cause it link to this community as webcache, google cache archives records it even if you delete now the combinations between your file share emule special mod and the links to your forums for it.
I change this blogger hosting to China GNC offshore and switch the mirror host in East Russia online. If you want send a abuse to this ip hosts you have to come there in person cause emails, letter post etc. doesn't arrive there, especial y if it's in english or foreigner language and not local. I don't think it have the value cause of com leecher mods trouble that one by one begin to fight. Do you want this? I really don't think these gpl/gnu are in weight as of its creators home comm. board content

Licenses 3r Ch4mp1 said...

Do you post the licenses for all these movies and warez as well:
3r Ch4mp1

CCM 5 warez Forum

You must buy all software licenses for all illigal downloads you have supplied as member on sourcefourge and the pages must be removed within 24h! Creator of emule MorphXT v9.6 Most Wanted 1.1.0 no ratio no upload L33cher mega mod

Corriendo Con Machete Studios said...

Mr. Morph Most Wanted community, the C.I.A. makes you most wanted Movie ripper on edonkey net at:
link to you:
This crap there must be complete removed within 24h and for all ISO's movies and Games CD/DVD's you have to pay the licenses with your big sharing crew. This are the sources Amigo Espanol Productions!

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