Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ZoneAlarm to Offer ZoneAlarm Pro for Free on Tuesday, 13. Oct. 2009 TODAY! Solution without creditcard checkout

Zonealarm Pro Firewall 2010 with Free License Key Giveaway

Credit card requirements by checkout 0,00

How to solve if you don't own one of the accepted payment credit cards and use paypal or similar by online shopping.

and then clicking "Download Now".
ImageBanana - Unbenannt2.png

Instead add to the above url "-b" as following:

Then click "Download Now".

You should then get a javascript popup that asks for your name and email address.

Finally a new Window confirm:

ZoneAlarm® 24 Hour Promotions
You have successfully submitted a request for a ZoneAlarm purchase link. You will receive an email with the link later today. Thank you!

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