Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beta 1 version of NirLauncher NirSoft Utilities Portable package

# Start using NirLauncher: In order to start using NirLauncher, simply create a new folder in your USB flash drive or in any other drive, and then extract all files of the package into the new folder.
You should not extract the files into the root directory of your USB flash drive, because the package contains too much files.
After you extracted the package, simply run the NirLauncher.exe executable.
# After running NirLauncher, here's some tips for using it:

* You can use F7 and F8 keys to move to the next and previous software group.
* When you select a single item, the 'Description' and 'Web Page URL' become a link that you can click. Clicking the 'Description' opens the help file, and clicking the 'Web Page URL' opens the right utility Web page. If you are not pleased from this feature, you can disable it from Options->Advanced Options (set all click options to none)
* If you want to view a longer description of each utility that you select, check the 'Show Description Text' under the options menu. However, be aware that these description texts were taken from the pad files of my utilities, and they are not always updated to the latest features of each utility.
* If you want to run a utility with command-line parameters, change the current directory, and so on, the 'Advanced Run' is the right option that you need.
* There is also a generic 'Advanced Run' window that affects all utilities that you execute with the standard 'run' option: Options -> Default Run Settings. For example, if you open the 'Default Run Settings' window and select the 'Run in full screen mode' option, all console application that you run will be opened in full screen.
* If you use the x64 version of Windows, and you click on a utility that have a separated x64 version, NirLauncher automatically run the x64 executable of the utility. The x64 executable filenames in the package are in UtilityName-x64.exe format.

Homepage and read more:

About many False Positive reports in several Antivirus Programs:

Nirsoft package beta 100
Download NirLauncher package with more than 100 utilities | DDL Mirror (by 'You cannot download this file.' set in download manager, send referrer url: to access download)

Zip File Information: (to verify that the downloaded file is Ok)
MD5: b18f2706b2737128a9f7fd01648f5e38
SHA1: 353bd70b747dc73f58daec120df25a23330d0545
Size: 6,685,806 bytes
Number of files in the Zip: 241

nirsoft package with sysinternals beta int
updated to latest versions October 8, 2009 + Sysinternals Suite Updated: October 7, 2009 added

nirsoft_package_beta_08102009.7z | DDL Mirror

7-Zip File Information: (to verify that the downloaded file is Ok)
MD5: caf6e6f7555c90419fdc1c4b47af0ea2
SHA-1: 6884c10deff635704a539a8a826b3b1285cf28b2
Size: 9,83 MB (10.316.339 bytes)
Number of files with Sysinternals in the 7z-zip: 335

Latest version nfo:

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