Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dropbox 0.7.43 Free 2.25 GB online storrage for Backup, Sync and Share *update*

Free 2.25 Gigabyte online storage for file sharing, cloud storage, online backup and restore, cross platform, sync,
mac windows os x linux, iPhone

* Never e-mail yourself a file again
* Automatically backup your files online
* Keep files synced between computers
* Share files easily with others
* NEW: Sync files with your iPhone

Dropbox works seamlessly with your operating system and automatically makes sure your files are up-to-date. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux and iPhonee with bonus space up to a limit of 3 GB!

Dropbox 0.7.43  Free 2.25 GB online storrage for Backup, Sync and Share


Dropbox 0.7.43
- Improvements to the status reporting system.
- Better remaining time estimation when downloading / uploading files.
- Fixed bug on Windows that could cause two instances of Dropbox to run.
- Lots of stability improvements.

Dropbox 0.7.32

- Significant performance/CPU improvements to LAN sync (let us know if it's faster)
- Much better transfer speed and remaining time calculation, noticeable improvement for LAN Sync
- Yet another attempt to fix lingering Office 2007/sharing violation bug (let us know how it goes)
- Fix for failed OS integration on some Windows machines.
- Minor stability fixes

Sync your files and share online and across computers with Dropbox. after sign up and installation you have 2,25 GB free space


1. sign up now
2. Download and install Dropbox 0.7.43 - you get 2,25 GB space

Windows: Dropbox 0.7.43.exe
Mac OS X: Dropbox 0.7.43.dmg
Linux x86_64: dropbox-lnx.x86_64-0.7.43.tar.gz
Linux x86: dropbox-lnx.x86-0.7.43.tar.gz

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