Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paint.NET v3.5 Beta 3 Build 3572

1. Preferred: Use the built-in updater from within Paint.NET. If you are using version 3.36, go to the Help menu and then Check for Updates. You will need to click on the Options button, and then make sure that ""Also check for pre-release (beta) versions" is enabled. For v3.5 alpha/beta, go to the Utilities menu instead of the Help menu.

2. Download directly: . There is no need to uninstall the old version; that will be taken care of automatically.

Changes/fixes since version 3.5 Beta 2:
* Fixed a performance glitch with some tools, where the action and subsequent undo/redo would be slow.
* Improved temporary memory usage of commands in the Image menu.
* Reduced disk space use by about 12MB by using NTFS compression on installation files used for staging (.MSI) and diagnostics (.PDB).
* Fixed many tools' clipping, with respect to an active selection.
* Improved compression for PDN files.
* Fixed many small miscellaneous crashes and glitches.

Paint.NET v3.5 Preview Center



Paint.NET OptiPNG Plugin

* Integrates OptiPNG into Paint.NET as a file type plugin.
* Allows customization of optimization options in a user-friendly dialog window.
* Author: [ I Like Pi ]
* Download link: Paint.NET forum.

Idea: Port RIOT 0.3.4 Radical Image Optimization Tool IrfanView plugin DLL version to Paint.NET support!

other plugin packs:

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