Thursday, October 15, 2009

Test BleachBit 0.7.0 beta

BleachBit is one of my favorite system cleaner:

1. it's open source,
2. works on Linux and Windows,
3. capable to do vacuum sqlite3 databases.
4. it's multilanguage

Check it out!

Announcement from the Developer website:
News Sorce:

"Please test the new BleachBit 0.7.0 beta containing new features and bug fixes. In particular, please test:
Test focus

* Deep scan should find several common junk files (such as Windows Thumbs.db and Mac OS X .DS_Store) anywhere in your home directory.
* Click File - Shred Files. You should get a preview, a confirmation, and then it should delete the files (if you confirm). This feature was totally broken in BleachBit 0.6.5.
* Add option to automatically start BleachBit when computer starts. Enable the option, log out of the computer (or reboot), and log back in again. BleachBit should start automatically. Uncheck the box, log out and back in again, and BleachBit should not automatically start. As an extra test on Linux, check the box while in sudo mode and uncheck it when not in sudo mode.
* If you have any private cleaners, you must upgrade them to CleanerML version 2. It has more features but is not backwards compatible. In many cases this Bash script will help you upgrade. If the script does not help, manual editing is easy.
* Adobe Flash Player asset cache
* Google Chrome history
* Specific to Linux
o Wipe swap and free memory. Careful: Close all other running applications before using this because they may be automatically killed. Make a note of how your swap is setup such as its partition, UUID, and size. If this option malfunctions, be prepared to manually recreate your swap setup. Before using this cleaner, launch BleachBit from a terminal, and while this cleaner is running, watch the terminal for error messages. After using this option, verify the swap is still active. Check /var/log/messages, and if the Linux out-of-memory (OOM) killer activated, it should have killed only BleachBit (not any other process). Then, reboot the computer and verify the swap is still active.
o Several parts of the startup initialization have changed. To test it: delete (or rename) your settings directory ~/.config/bleachbit, and then start BleachBit. On Linux, it should automatically preserve your language and English. If your first time starting BleachBit is using sudo, the directory and bleachbit.ini should still be owned by your non-privileged account.
o Google Chrome cache
o Chromium: cache, cookies, history, current session, and vacuum
o KDE 4 recent documents list
o X11: session errors log
o Adobe Reader temporary file
o Google Earth temporary files
o IcedTea (free Java plugin) cache
o Recent documents list in Gwenview (KDE image viewer)
o Bonus cleaners pack
+ sqlite3 command history
+ MySQL CLI command history
+ Midnight Commander usage history
+ Metacity sessions (usage history)
* Specific to Windows
o Installing translations is optional. If you want only English, uncheck Translations during installation.
o Windows Vista thumbnail cache
o Windows Error Reporting log files
o Recent item list on Windows Vista
o Windows Defender scan history
o Windows Explorer (split out from System to its own cleaner)
o MUICache (a permanent log of every application you ever started)
o Prefetcher cache/logs (provided for privacy reasons— will probably not improve system performance)


Remember: beta releases are more likely to contain bugs and are recommended only for testing. Use with caution.

Report any bugs to the bug tracker. Report any success (especially with the memory and swap cleaner) as a comment to Andrews blog post.

There are several known issues:

* Wiping memory -- segmentation fault (core dumped)
* BleachBit doesn't start the first time
* New Gwenview cleaner is missing

Some other issues have not yet been confirmed:

* thick, fat warning for Deep Scan
* Hide irrelevant cleaners doesn't work
* Firefox cleaner doesn't work anymore

For other Linux distributions, you can try the most similar installation package above. For example, Linux Mint 7 users can download the Ubuntu 9.04 package. On some Linux distributions you must run from source (instructions), which is not very difficult because there is nothing to compile."

Please visit for more info and all downloads the product homepage:

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