Friday, October 2, 2009

HelloTxtBar 1.0.2 (unofficial) - Firefox & Flock Addon

Changes: since Version 1.0.1
HelloTxtBar 1.0.2
- updated graphics (icons, png's)
- changed browser address bar status symb. to blue (green, if installed have TwitterBar)
- increase max. text length for Hellotxt service api
- lang EN-US, DE-DE 'update status'

HelloTxtBar 1.0.1 Fix
- rewritten code, clean up obsolete code parts (url shortener, etc...)
- fixed: Open HelloTxt page in a new tab after post
- added: German local
- transp. gfx (ico, png's)
- set max vers. to latest Minefield
- corrected Option Config window size - Height
- Fixed a bug in Option window layout

HelloTxtBar 1.0.2

Size: 14,0 KB (14.409 bytes)

HelloTxtBar 1.0.1 Fix
Size: 12,9 KB (13.302 bytes)


changed colors (matching to the service icon/logo/design): twitterbar = blue and hellotxtbar = green (if installed both)
hellotxtbar-1.0.2-green-fx.xpi 14,3 KB (14.724 bytes)
twitterbar-2.6.x-fx-blue.xpi 39,1 KB (40.127 bytes)

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