Saturday, October 10, 2009

Merge test on Firefox 3.7a1pre Minefield 3.7 core

Built from

Merge changeset [diff] - 40266:b4f1185c3278
Combined Stop Reload Feature
(back out diff merge for 11b21449d195 2009-10-10 20:42 -0500 Merge tracemonkey to mozilla-central)

Merge Changeset [diff] from Namoroka:
personas with undo button on theme change //since today in all trunks by default

into latest svr firefox-3.7a1pre Minefield trunk build.

Changed Aero Skin default for win xp
Added bing to browser search engines next to google and yahoo

Build platform win32 no debug

suggest config:

change in about:config following values to true/enable:



general.useragent.extra.firefox to Firefox/3.7


geo.enabled to false

test with a fresh profile or backup profile first

you get a good 97 on acid3 test with addons and greasemonkey enabled.
ImageBanana - Unbenannt.jpg
Failed 3 tests.
Test 26 passed, but took 2654ms (less than 30fps)
Test 71 passed, but took 51ms (less than 30fps)
Test 77 failed: expected '4776' but got '5560' - getComputedTextLength failed.
Test 78 failed: expected '90' but got '0' - getRotationOfChar(0) failed.
Test 79 failed: expected '34' but got '33' - SVGSVGTextElement.getNumberOfChars() incorrect
Total elapsed time: 5.84s

ImageBanana - Unbenannt.jpg
68c67f454d44 merged in to feb65e871aba - 1.9.3a1pre Build ID: 20091011052430

merge for changeset feb65e871aba - browser.js

b4f1185c3278 merged in to 68c67f454d44 - 1.9.3a1pre Build ID: 20091011073449

merge for changeset 68c67f454d44 - browser.js

b4f1185c3278 merged in to 7e1252d6e71e - 1.9.3a1pre Build ID: 20091012095652 (recent - latest)

merge for changeset 7e1252d6e71e - browser.js

default  tip Why Dão's
Combined Stop Reload Button Feature is not default in upcoming builds, as once shown (it's much better than with addons or css). will merge it in updated Namoroka + Minefield trunks include final 3.6 + 3.7 FF or even move it in the location bar!

"reload page without browser cache:

* either: Hold down both the Ctrl and Shift keys and then press R. (Alternatively, hold down the Ctrl key and then press F5.) On a Mac, use the Command key instead of Ctrl.
* or: Hold down the Shift key and click the Reload button on the navigation toolbar."

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