Monday, October 12, 2009

Torenkey v1.0.0.33

Torenkey v1.0.0.33
combines eMule and Bittorrent (eMule 0.48 official base with BitTornado) into one multilanguage Program. Torrentkey comes with an English and Korean Skin, different skins are supported.

A great online search portal with ability to upload own torrents enhance the resources on emule and bt networks.

Torenkey program displays top search items real time, enabling users to identify most recent search trend at a single glance. Turbo function of the program provides quick download.

Torenkey is written in C++ 7.1 and Python

Changes since v1.0.0.32


+ Mount the spam file Filter


ImageBanana - Unbenannt0.png ImageBanana - Unbenannt2.png
(size: 12,1 MB)

Non installer: Torenkey-v1.0.0.33-noinstaller.7z | Mirror | Mirror (size 8,83 MB)

older versions: TorenkeySetup.rar

We have modded a special emule.exe or Torenkey-RatioFree.exe without ratio restriction for users without fast broadband access such as wireless mobile connections. It can be alternative placed next to Torenkey.exe in same folder and start ratio free Torenkey v1.0.0.33 edition for analogue and ISDN 44 - 64 kbps modem users.

Perhaps the program Torenkey can not fluent communicate with standard default eMule as well as eMule mods. Bug in ClientSoft (Client software) eMule recognition by connected eMule and eMule mods clients (see connected client list software version)

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