Sunday, October 4, 2009

Echofon for Firefox 1.9.3 formerly TwitterFox Firefox Addon unofficial Bugfix release "catch the button" in Shiretoko, Minefield all builds since Aug.

Changelog after official Version 1.9.3(10/1/2009)
* Updated cs-CZ/nl-NL/sv-SE translation
* Adjusted sync protocol "

- Timer on mouse over Reply button, star fav. fixed
- Works again with Greasmonkey scripts and FF Addons 'decode short url's' (Tinyurl decoder etc.)
- png's redundant oversize optim.

compatible FF up to ff 3.7 (latest trunk builds)


Mirror: Echofon-1.9.3.xpi

size: 140 KB (143.680 bytes)

Version for older firefox official

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