Friday, October 16, 2009

eMule VeryCD Mod 091015

VeryCD eMule 0.49c 091015 beta

Update Log:
* Code to the kernel update to 0.49c
* Optimize network connectivity algorithm processing, improve Lowid download speed, speed up the ability to share data sources Lowid
* Optimization Highid Callback processing, improve the connection success rate, speed up download speeds Highid
* Update DLP to v36.0

Feature updates: Update dlp to v39.0
* Defect repair: DLP based ModString wrong with a random string to determine CN Mod for the blood-sucking donkey [thanks Whykill Mix]
* Bugfix: KAD misjudged have opened TCP port Firewalled
* Defect repair: KAD search is sometimes ineffective and could lead to the collapse of

"Emule-0.49c-VeryCD090410-Setup beta" testing and preview only the use, despite the current programs in terms of speed and stability on the performance of good, but not the final version, some features still in the process of continuous improvement. We strongly recommend that Mix had tests before the operation in the implementation of a good backup of the data in order to avoid unnecessary trouble. In this, eMule development team participating in the test Mix express my sincere thanks, and your active participation will enable the performance of edonkey software better!

* 代码内核更新到0.49c
* 优化网络连接算法处理,提高Lowid下载速度,加快Lowid源的分享数据能力
* 优化Highid Callback处理,提高连接成功率,加快Highid下载速度
* 更新DLP至v36.0

* 功能更新:更新dlp至v39.0
* 缺陷修复:DLP根据ModString错误判定带随机字符串的CN Mod为吸血驴[感谢Whykill驴友]
* 缺陷修复:KAD错误判断已打开的TCP端口为Firewalled
* 缺陷修复:KAD搜索有时无效且可能导致崩溃

“eMule-0.49c-VeryCD090410-Setup 测试版”仅供测试和预览使用,尽管当前程序在速度和稳定性上表现不错,但并非正式版本,部分功能还处于不断完善的过程中。我们强烈建议驴友们在执行测试操作前备份好相关数据,以免带来不必要的麻烦。在此,eMule开发团队对参加测试的驴友表示真诚地感谢,你们的积极参与将会使电驴软件的性能表现得更好!

Changelog eMule 0.49c Kernel Core base:

3.46 MB


绿色包/No installer:

源代码包/Source code: 18.81 MB

<| NOT a Leecher Mod ! |>
Thank you!

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