Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The mod with no name

The first given modname was a Joke to produce some more Forum trash with success. But there is much more trash in some plugin files like dlp un-moderated :-))


Improvements and fixes are subject to be changed any time:

Improved: added more file types as any other known
Improved: removed hover tracking use a slider in TransferWnd.cpp
Improved/fixed: Argos System don't detect own custom modstr as modthief, selection levels: score reduced, no up to leecher, ipban extended to all kinds
Improved: Save some overhead
Improved: MediaInfo.dll support, if there is a mediainfo.dll, we don't care about the settings.
Improved: repaint preference window if needed

Fix: Check file by download if its known
Fix: server list disappearing number
Fix: perform inverse sorting in the queuelist
Fix: splitter position in server window
Fix: String Limit give the correct value back
Fix: Stats Total completed size
Fix: change to a pointer list when setting priority of server's
Fix: make code better vs 2008 compatible and work around/fix compiler warnings

Changed: Ligher code
Changed: Graphic and Icons optimizations
Changed: DLP + MA dlp update url
Changed: IPFilter update to use Ozzy P2P Ip filter
//Changed: Auto PowerShare (if enabled in options) by incomplete/partfiles too
Changed: seperate Country flag and Country name plus add show ip in al lists
Changed: add source thread safe
Changed/Added option: use modstring custom, you can give the mod any name what you like or select session names from FunnyNick code random, send no modstring/prot extension.
Added: to options selectable send modname after nickname on/off
Added: correct funnynicks to send and option to disable random nick addon
Changed: generation of included funny nick name generation/combination to use as modname with space 2 names or single names, written together with session or permanent modname to option selectable
Changed: remove all leecher features from source and done separate, user can by compiling select the features if he like to build a leecher mod. -> see automerge and source code files search add/replace patcher for automatization to include selectable features in other mods source code files.

Enhanced hidden prefs in advanced option: ShowActiveDownloadsBold
HistoryShowShared (Download History) + icon sorting fixed // ist off in MA
Added: Hidden prefs to options Gui enable/disable show sidebanner in Option/config page

// Added: add a entry of possible badclients hash and ip's to a list. Enhanced //security 3th freeware applications can be used with the 'debug' log output and //ping or disconnect connections of single connected clients ip's or isp range //(manual ban via 3th application) or adjustments of outgoing upload speed settings //to ip ranges.
//Added: Ask user by first start to enter a username (nickname) and modname (custom //modstr.) or select use funny names of his choice, if empty disable protocol //extensions, ensure in this case we don't send a modname and all known systems like //dlp ident as emule just.

All credits to Tuxman for great code parts and ideas.
I also changed/removed this crazy open a website for nodes.dat to get a downloadlink,... at the end we have to visit a site for ip filter update download one for download the right language files another one to download server met maybe one for ip-to-country.csv and can withdrawn all autoupdate and auto download code parts in mule so we get it even smaller or do the browser in emule and use the newsfeed feature to see when updates are available.

You get a gpl conform source code ready to compile within a few minutes for everyone who never used a compiler before. You need VS 2008 Test Version installed which is for free to download.

Changes and features you can later via drag n drop put in selected source code files.
The download will be available to the weekend

In the future enduser will only download source codes. Instructions how easy everybody can compile official emule open source codes and if like do his changes to make his/her own mod changes to get emule.exe
Most users will not more use the ready compiled binaries.

There will be source code pre changed files for all mods, the user can replace to get a result how he like to build his mod. Fix modname string replacement files can be taken from other open source compatible mods as well for custom modstrings the changes.


Anonymous said...

Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition (90-Tage-Testversion)

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 (Installer)

Anonymous said...

MSDN Library für Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (Dezember 2008 Edition)

tux. said...

LOL ok, most of its "features" are taken from my latest beba beta... assholes...

Anonymous said...

Why there will be here in this "leecher mods - site" "things" published which can never be downloaded? advertisement-REASONS upon/for cash...??? this site/page HERE losses therefore very obviously it's seriousness!!!! especially also therefore that this site/page WILL even NOT be able see it necessary to publish THIS comment!!! just do NOT be astonished when the time comes one day on which this page will not be read anymore!

IlLusioN said...

Operators of this site are against advertisments. We do not want earn any money from internet. Computer is in our few a hobby as it was in times of Commodore C64 in the 80's

CronJ said...

Soon you get source code. please download trial version of visual studio 2008. to create the exe from the source will not takes any longer as compressing a 3 gb rar file. The source code will be done that enduser can with 5 clicks in visual studio test version make the exe file.

tux. said...

CCCR, I just want to propose you to add correct credits, that's all..

ZHiHi said...

I did this mod up that emule user do the first step and use source codes. I give this source code out with a 3 minutes instruction how to click on 5 buttions on a installed Visual Studio 2008 - 90 days free test version.

Because it can't be wrong that fileshare client user of open source ever compile them first exe and more will understand how it is done. Maybe a few will understand things what they didn't before while using dlp where mods with source code are banned cause of boost and others are ignored since years.

IlLusioN said...

They in the credits to the file but its not ready. I can not help if other sites copy the content before its even completed. Its possible the one or other feature will be removed or changed. Sometimes edit on a entry 5 days before the download comes or the download get somwehere else hosted so I have to change the link.

This emule should not be as exe. We have planed it to do just source code and prepare it as easy as possible for everyone to compile it in a few minutes toghether.

To the weekend source code will be there. It should be a simple mod where everyone can give the mod the name what he like. No leeecher features will be inside but thouse who compiled it can easy do what they want.

Jörg said...

Würde eher einen C# 8 Quell Code nehmen der auch mit älteren kostenlosen Test Version von Visual Studio zum kompilieren geht.
Die Idee ist nicht schlecht statt kompilierte Mods den Anwender zu zeigen wie einfach jeder selbst seinen Mod macht.

Folgendes schlage ich vor:
- Videoclip auf YouTube der die Schritte zeigt vom source code download bis zur emule.exe
- eine Auswahl an „diff's“ also mit Funktionen ergänzten Quell Code Dateien zu allen Mods die man austauschen kann.

Jörg said...

Wenn ich als Modstring mein namen Jörg eingebe kommt Bad Modstring scheme heraus. Gebe ich Joerg ein geht es. Warum ist mein Name nicht DLP verträglich. Wo kann ich mich Offiziel beschweren nachdem es mir frei steht Mods zu bennen wie ich will?

Klaus said...

ScarAngel, Mephisto, StulleMule and Xtreme is much easier to compile for people who never used a compiler. Think about it

Garcia said...

ok letz change the whole thing and base it on another mod.

Will also improve by blog tagging coder names for example: tag SLUGFILLER ; moloko+ ; Avi3k ; fox88 ; Tuxman

must figure out how to integrate it in blogger. For now tag only with digg or hit strumble it, AddThis! a site open to set Tags please!

If found that code parts are original first done from another one created and someone stolen it did it popular in his name with a few changes, I just use the first [oldest]. Its open source, one takes features from another one, somethimes its difficulty to found ever out the one who is the real founder in the history of a feature/code snip

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