Friday, January 2, 2009

Tor Alpha | Vidalia


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Changes in version - 2009-01-??
o Minor features:
- New controller event "clients_seen" to report a geoip-based summary
of which countries we've seen clients from recently. Now controllers
like Vidalia can show bridge operators that they're actually making
a difference.
- Build correctly against versions of OpenSSL 0.9.8 or later built
without support for deprecated functions.

o Minor bugfixes (performance):
- Squeeze 2-5% out of client performance (according to oprofile) by
improving the implementation of some policy-manipulation functions.

o Minor bugfixes:
- Make get_interface_address() function work properly again; stop
guessing the wrong parts of our address as our address.
- Do not cannibalize a circuit if we're out of RELAY_EARLY cells to
send on that circuit. Otherwise we might violate the proposal-110
limit. Bugfix on Partial fix for Bug 878. Diagnosis
thanks to Karsten.
- When we're sending non-EXTEND cells to the first hop in a circuit
(for example in order to use an encrypted directory connection), we
don't need to use RELAY_EARLY cells: the first hop knows what kind of
cell it is, and nobody else can even see the cell type. This makes
it easier to cannibalize circuits like this later.
- Authorities now list vote for the Stable flag for any router whose
weighted MTBF is at least 5 days, regardless of the mean MTBF.
- Stop logging nameserver addresses in reverse order.
- If we are retrying something slowly over and over, do not
automatically give up after the 254th failure. Bugfix on

o Code simplifications and refactoring:
- Change our header file guard macros to be less likely to conflict
with system headers. Adam Langley noticed that we were conflicting
with log.h on Android.


other builds/os:;O=D

other builds/os:;O=D

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