Thursday, January 1, 2009

WANTED! Original MS internal cdfs.sys Windows XP for show Audio CDA as wav files in the file structure

Microsoft Windows XP RC1 build 2505 and 2495 and earlier build after February 2000 Public Beta 3 Internal release was include a MS original CD-ROM File System Driver cdfs.sys which show Audio CD's as WAV files!

Anyone have the iso from March - July 2001 Whistler - Windows XP internal builds and please can submit cdfs.sys (before Windows XP RC2, RC3 Builds, MS removed this feature in the last Windows XP Builds. The cdfs.sys with CDA as WAV must be before 5.1.2600 final August XP RTM Windows XP public release)

Not the CDFS.VXD CD Driver for Win9x to show Audio CD's as WAV files!!!

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