Sunday, January 4, 2009

aNoTher MA Based Mod v1.2

many,... check it out
no session ratio,...
slight boost for eMule user from Cuba (net is very slow there so I add a higher priority/score to Cuba)

TCP-Z Network Monitor Tool (all Windows Version up to latest Windows 7 compatible) ported to Tools menu. On x64 bit os rename TCPZ64.exe to TCPZ.exe and place in emule direcory where emule.exe is located. You can also call other Network Tools like from NirSoft Networktools or tcpview.exe for example by rename the Network tool you wish to start from emule menu to TCPZ.exe

Original Ozzy IP Filter.dat url added to links menu

Custom Modstring:

Set as ModString valid Modnames are for example:

Magic Angel 3.5
Magic Angel 3.6
ScarAngel 3.1
Xtreme 7.0
Xtreme 7.1
Mephisto 2.1
MorphXT 11.1
MorphXT 9.7
EastShare 14.2
EastShare 14.3
StulleMule 6.1

see ModVersion.h in 'official Mods' (PPgEmulespana.cpp based Modname c++ code)

or set as modname anything you like. Dont use special characters, no 2 dots (in version one point only) no ( , + - ) and no r before version (see new bad modstring scheme in antileech.cpp v3.7)
Sample Modnames which works:
Uejdradpl 7.9
Whhlosru 1.4
Xpesov 9.6

which doesn't work and show Bad Modstring Scheme dlp 37:
7nrli0kd3b 6.27 (numbers in modname before version)

the dlp by this mod have added some more IL clients to the bann. No ban or score reducing for Bowlfish.10a and older versions. Mod will upload fine to Portugal user. The freaky comm mods that use only dlp mods with boost in every build are banned huhaha.

This is AppleJuice (modname from official mod but after username no modname extension and send funny nick):
Name: [FN] Mighty Duck Version: eMule v0.49b [Xtreme 7.1]
must be:
Name: anyname [D?f)] «Xtreme 7.1» Version: eMule v0.49b [Xtreme 7.1]

AJ using MorphXT modname fake like this:
Name: [FN] Fat Rhino Version: eMule v0.49b [MorphXT 11.1]
original will be:
Name: anyname «MorphXT 11.1» Version: eMule v0.49b [MorphXT 11.1]

same AJ mods send modstrings from Xtreme mod 7.0 without Nickname mod addon, MorphXT etc...
will be added in next update to AJ ban in dlp!


with custom modname
eMule 0.49b ILLuTion Mod-MA3.5-Based.7z 5.63 MB - DDL: emule_0.49b_illution_mod_ma3.5_based.7z

without any modname (send like official no modstr.) no nickname addon
eMule 0.49b ILLuTion Mod-MA3.5-Based-no modrstr.7z 5.62 MB


fixes from ma, 3.6, 3.7 merged to 3.5 base w/o antileech/modthiefs changes
fix icon sorting by download history in shared files enabled
add startup snd
to disbale sidebanner for compacter option menu write/change in preferences.ini:
obf. connection send browser ua string from ie as on os installed , read from ie webbrowser entry in winregistry the ua string entry. better than send old fx 1.5 version italian ua string

Download: eMule 0.49b ILLuTion Mod-MA3.7-Based.7z 6.33 MB


Francesco said...

it's a leec mod?

IlLusioN said...

nope it's releaser mod! Release incomplete files with powershare is enabled.
Leec mods are out of stock, have to wait...:)

Anonymous said...

Ein richtiger geiler releaser mod, wird bei der 3.7 Version dein Nickname angezeigt???? Danke für die Hilfe...

Anonymous said...

Ja der Nick wird immer in der Gui angezeigt, oben im title wie auch im server window als begruessungstest und About box. Finde das sehr schoen.

Anonymous said...

nee ist gut gelungen, geiler speed,bin sehr begeistert von den Mod. Ich hoffe das war nicht die letzte version von den Mod, währe schade...

Anonymous said...

Nö werde dort noch etwas ändern. Share Freigaben und Einschränkungen der freigegebenen Dateien/Verzeichnisse so das man dort auswählen kann auch im Incoming Verzeichniss was man tauschen will wie auch A und B Laufwerk. Verwende eMule auf nem 32 GB USB Stick den ich gern beim unbenutzten B Laufwerk nehmen moechte.

Anonymous said...

Echt geniale Idee, stimmt das Fehlt noch, bin echt gespannt drauf...

Anonymous said...

Hab das Interesse verloren. Es werden keine Updates von mir bei eMule moding mehr kommen. Werde den Quellcode irgendwo hochladen und hier posten.

Dennoch Danke.

Anonymous said...

Ach schade, da findet was gutes und das wars, schade trotzdem gute arbeit.. bye

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