Saturday, January 3, 2009

Vagaa V2.6.6.2

Wow VaGaa Ga, such as commitment to the construction and operation of the Internet to help the public to enjoy broadband Internet and about how much easier and faster. Whether it is movies, music, animation or games, television programs, as long as the download and install Ga Vagaa wow, your computer will be connected into the global interactive entertainment center. Its main features are as follows:

Top resources:
The latest film; the most popular animation, games
The most popular music; absolutely live television programs
Can search the global multi-lingual resources
Instant on-demand, online Views:
To support the film, animation that point that is to see;
Can help to identify the authenticity of a document search:
Multi-protocol search engine; search resources more
Unrestricted parallel search requests to download:
Support emule, BT download;
Optimization of network download, suitable for office, home users. Vaaga is one of the biggest P2P Download Content Sites in Asia




Upgrade log:

Wow Vagaa Ga stable version of the latest version

# 1. Adapt vista IE7 and firefox! Amendment right to use IE to download the issue of wow Ga
# 2. Add relevant search function, to easily find resources
# 3. Repairing certain circumstances give rise to a procedure to withdraw from the problem of abnormal
# 4. More experience now to install the new version

Downloads HTTP:

net setup

Screenshots and Download
ZDNet Asia


Anonymous said...

Vagaa still have spyware/adware ?

IlLusioN said...

Use Universal Extractor if its a setup. Run reg cleaner after testing. Most software install regkeys or bho's and other entries in windows registry.

IlLusioN said...

Baidu ads in installer

nothing more

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