Saturday, January 3, 2009

P8 platform for digital entertainment V1.0.1.60

p8 digital entertainment platform for the dissemination of built-in BT download function, the player than the player alone to save more resources, in addition to, to watch some movies automatically bounce out of trouble page.
P8 for domestic users with a suitable environment for Chinese multi-media platform for the dissemination of digital entertainment, and fully support the Chinese software and Chinese keyword search and real multi-point transmission, transfer downloaded improve the efficiency greatly.
P8 software not only be able to search and download massive music, video, photos, software, games, and other resources, and its built-in platform for the sharing of resources, and allow users to find the shortest possible time the necessary resources, P8 platform built-in browser playback function , You can download top-line side to watch movies, play music, view photos and articles.
P8 to make a special transfer protocol, and quick to share with friends. Focus on the design of human nature, give full consideration to the needs of users, we believe that the P8 will be the life of your network one of the essential tools.

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