Saturday, January 24, 2009

eMule v0.49b sivka v19b1 *FIX*

BY STULLE all Credits

eMule0.49b27.Sivka.MOD.v19b1 Small glitches fixed in Stulle source code, nobody is perfect -:)

Forgotten eMule 0.49b Automatic search ico res implementation in emule.rc
KADSERVER ICON "res\\KadServer.ico"
// search show wrong icon sorting range (1st KadServer.ico where missing) while filedonkey ico is out of range

improved: filedonkey search direct from redirect url request // search result window
query = _T("");

sivka HashThiefProtection Enabled and extended
Defeat 0-filled part ssender (anti-corrupt) EnableZeroFilledTestDefault Enabled

added: set a default ipfilter update url to security prefs //ppgsecurity.cpp taken from zz_fly open a default website idee for nodesurl, changed/improved to direct download the nodes.dat, server.met, ipfilter url's better as open a site in browser and download from websites.

changed: show full client software with MOD-String in downloadclients //[Maella: show MOD-String] client->DbgGetFullClientSoftVer();

changed/added: set a welcome message to server info dialog with modname and username (nick name), keep default emule version update in toolbar, options dialog and traybar

added: manual unban menu entry in clientlist

Other fixes read here: emule-version-049b-sivka-v19b1.html

sivka's modstr is:
#define MOD_VERSION _T("sivka v19b1")
#define MOD_VERSION_FULL _T("eMule0.49b27.Sivka.MOD.v19b1") //also used as default nick name
#define DEFAULT_NICK MOD_VERSION_FULL //default username (nick)

File: eMule.exe
Size: 4,81 MB (5.047.808 bytes)
CRC-32: a699fd96
MD4: 122445708e2c207beff0f9acfd75b69b
MD5: 492806216351a1be31471ef395a2c102
SHA-1: dfcde55d7e2c88884468eb7ca7670e9fa9367b36

Download: 2.46 MB


This compiled build with:

Whois Client Info + GeoIP googlemaps
To manual unban added manual ban cause no antileech protection in the mod (rather than ban on mass, user can only single suspiciouse clients ban manually)
Some icons added FILEREQUESTED/STOP Downloading in DL cl list
Clear Queue List, Clear Upload list
Client detail dialog fields selectable

In Extended options: Show downloads in bolds on/of will be good,...

File: eMule.exe
Size: 4,79 MB (5.029.888 bytes)
CRC-32: 6ff833a1
MD4: d60350c1df7d76e6023f852f979a0ca1
MD5: 3c5d63735ed3c4e859e55d03bc2e5f90
SHA-1: c53a49ba461c98cab38deba883ad5ff18445150c

Download: 2.46 MB - DDL Server Kiev

thanx for submit the src to CCrIS

GPL/GNU requirements are filled if provide propper source to compiled bin if its final release version

source code: eMule0.49b27.Sivka.MOD.v19b1-src-vs2008-c++9.rar
fileshare host:


Stulle doesn't like if someone find errors in his work and fix it, nobody is perfect my dear, we are all human no superman!
Moders need to avoid arrogance


Anonymous said...

well, apparently you gave credits to me but you missed to provide the sources. plus, this ain't no hotfix. this is a mere gui bug and does not do any harm. sucker -.-


Anonymous said...

you are releasing something und the same name although it ain't the real deal. you are violating the gpl and you give a fuck about actually pointing this out to me personally so i have to be pointed here by a user. you label a trivial fix as "hotfix" and even if you may give some credits there is not even a real need for any fix because it is not causing any instability or what ever.

this is why i am fucking pissed and i would not mind quitting the whole modding thing if this is how my work is valued.

mr. "need a better tester team", fuck you! i don't need that kinda shit. even the official client still has a crash bug around the search saving stuff despite having had a public beta test and still there is no attempt to fix that. we are talking about mere gui issues that do not limit the usage of the mod to any extent. get a life and shut your trap.

stulle -.-

CCriS said...

nanana u are da man,.... why cant you never say if someone did a fix just a thanks or take the fix and put it in yah mod by self?

if x times the word fuqu repeats do no wonder why iz not here.

yet the thing with the real deal, take the src, put the 3 fixes in compile it, what then...

whatever thanks for no thanks in a opensource proji

didnt know that opensrc modder make such a bad reaktion if another one fix or improve anything instead to welcome it

CCRiS said...

sorry for the message 2 steps above there was a comment full with bad words and in your name written. I got shocked because this was something against all open source principles 'n devs with a point on rights to fix, improve and compiled the src

IlLusioN said...

Bad word comment erased

CCRiS said...

if u in a hurry with src:

I just packed my files diffs:
gpl/conform open source

Source code:

eMule0.49b27.Sivka.MOD.v19b1-src-vs2008-c9.rar 3,47 MB

about session ratio some say should/can do in mods some say ratio but no session, check official emule. in good believing i think no one is so stupid and abuse ratio settings permanent by reducing upload instead of sharing, otherwise download sources may reduce too. i duno which one of the rules are suitable rules, verycd dont care about the rules at all by update check and boost without any problems in dlp in 3 years and even a boost will be ok [all buils from 2006 - latest final 2008 builds]. See download stats just by verycd google code site of them mods, it have by far more users with this features as all mods together on most topleveldomain emule mods sites in the EU. i will add boost not on any comms but on partfiles.
about remove client (manual kick from upload) its in all verycd mods, just there is no menu option to enable, add in preference.ini a entry and its active.

With attention to GPL here my source. U can just remove what is commented out and compile it inside. It should now work with vs 2005 again cause vs 2008 using sp1 and latest patches was need changes.

about MiniUPnPLib based implementation miniupnpc (c) 2006-2008 Thomas Bernard -
from 2008/02/21, i will update it to newer, may fix newer fw, remap after disconn,..

this are the changes since build from 2008/02/21

$Id: Changelog.txt, 2008/10/11 15:09:46 jvax Exp $
miniUPnP client Changelog.

Update docs

Integrated sameport patch from Dario Meloni : Added a "sameport"
argument to upnpDiscover().

small modif to make Clang happy :)

#define SOAPPREFIX "s" in miniupnpc.c in order to remove SOAP-ENV...

include declspec.h in installation (to /usr/include/miniupnpc)


standard options for install/ln instead of gnu-specific stuff.

now builds a .dll and .lib with win32. (mingw32)

make install now install the binary of the upnpc tool

added error strings for miniupnpc "internal" errors
improved python module error/exception reporting.

Completely rewrite igd_desc_parse.c in order to be compatible with
Linksys WAG200G
Added testigddescparse
updated python module


put some #ifdef DEBUG around DisplayNameValueList()

Improved error reporting in upnpcommands.c
UPNP_GetStatusInfo() returns LastConnectionError

better error handling in minisoap.c
improving display of "valid IGD found" in upnpc.c

Fixing UPNP_GetValidIGD()
improved make install :)

IlLusioN said...

I delete this now all, a coder who speak in such a sick street slang full of dirty words only because someone fixed a few visual gui bugs and everyone see the bugs. Finish there is nothing to comment! Download with or without error

Anonymous said...

@anonym #2

Yes im pretty sure im a real pirate but its not stolen its enhanced if you can not see. Would you be kind and share what you do. I dont understand your point sorry. All i do is sharing, if I found something to enhance so i do it.
I also do not share only open source and freeware on p2p which is suspiciouse on which site u are.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i meaned this freeware uploader on torrent sites :

Anonymous said...

Got it AeonFlux coder Banshees friend Sugart

Compiled from Disk:

c:\Documents and Settings\Surgat\Desktop\Nuova cartella\eMule-0.48a-Xtreme-6.1-src\srchybrid\Unicode_Release\emule.pdb

keep sending fake rank, permanent no up corrupt files.

Anonymous said...

Aha only freeware uploader

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