Friday, January 9, 2009

easyMule more powerfull

- no leecher mod only debug features enabled and features enhanced extended -:) -

I will not change the default username [CHN][VeryCD]yourname , there some undiscovered features like track client, track username in debugger to found in code. I don't say it trace user. Server L2L
¥¥¥¥¥¥ ????

- ratiopharm // dont reduce to much upspeed if not need
- activeX BHO
- embedded TCP Patch
- only up to emule
+ default svr.met url
+ debug features > remove client from upload enabled in upload list and 'known' clients
+ Manual Ban client from upload and 'known clients' // if a leecher jump out of the dlp -:)
+ manual ask source client for download in client download window // some Thunder builds need to ask twice until they give upload
+ show full client mod and emule versions
+ make client detail dialog entries selectable for clipboard notes

... many more ...forgot read comments in other posts, some more features to enabled with preferences.ini set/change entries

its based on a beta and may contain some bugs.

old known once as well new once like:
emule.exe creates still the long time not more in use by vc mods some windows registry key enties:
Invalide Standardsymbol C:\easyMule\release\resource.dll,1 HKCR\easyMulemetfile\DefaultIcon
Invalide Standardsymbol C:\easyMule\release\resource.dll,0 HKCR\easyMulepartfile\DefaultIcon

Its a great upcoming mod with a nice gui and good speed. easyMule find quick sources from kad network(KADEMLIA2).

second build with custom modstr. [vc builds] and switchable emule version [old vc mods 0.48] isn't fully tested and internal till release version.

Thank you

easyMule-1.1.1-VeryCD090107-PowerMoD.7z 5.86 MB

older builds
easyMule-1.1.1-VeryCD090107.7z 5.90 MB 5.12 MB

looking for a free cvs hosting to upload from compiler the source codes.
bugs and sugestions are welcome in discussion


Anonymous said...

kick & ban
spcial edition ?

L2L Dedicated server

Anonymous said...

kick from upload is in all VC Mods

write in preferences.ini

and in Upload window show up 'remove client' in all builds

was not much todo to add it to known client list download window

Ban manual is added in extension to the automatical ban , see ServerWindow Leecher-Messages or Verbose

Kick all from upload = 'remove all clients' same as single client which is by default just extended to all.

Manual reask source for download brings sometimes a client to beginn uploading.

Will merge Multilang support ( now only have 3 languages ) from official emule 0.49b to the code later.

Please restart emule.exe if portforwarding via upnp sometimes dont give high id unless a high id show up. Use secure server conect obfuscated will reduce low id

Anonymous said...

is L2L Server VCNat nat.url.domain ????

Anonymous said...

Features added

added WHOIS IP Client Info
added Client IP Geo Info with Google Maps
added PLAY_WHILE_DOWNLOADING /enabled feature
removed Search Results Limits by searcer search

Original Source code better clean up, compiler VS2008SP1+KB's + all libs updated // other improvments


Client Dialog
show serverIP: emulesvrip.exe 5.42 MB
show ClientIp:
emule.exe 5.42 MB

add later bought in a row

HoHo so it won't work to compile:

Anonymous said...

forget this mod! Therre is to much reduced ripped from official eMule. AllDialogs Ip Filter,... IRC, Freind menu and options. All the rests are in the source remain still like smilies for chat and much more. Wheter it should be with less features so its not need in code and will have 2 mb less size or full needs another menu or reconstruct all

Anonymous said...

This easymule must be pre aplpha. look in the code. Many things are invisible but still present like irc, chat, ipfilter update, smiely icons for friendsmenu.
Lets wait for a real Beta, a year or so when emule 0.50 is out easymule could be more usable

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