Friday, January 16, 2009

The Alternative DLP

Project Alternative Dynamic Leecher Protection

Dear all

As we all know the 'official DLP' don't protect from the most popular eMule mod Applejuice and co. which give mostly zero upload to non AJ Comm mods.

Removed from the ban are small comm mods which give upload to all emule mods outside of a community too.

We are proud to present an alternativ DLP with enhanced AJ protection. [for non AJ mod comms]

Its Beta, every suggestion is welcome.

Many users are very dissatisfied with the current DLP and the DLP has evolved with the times since it exists.
A File Sharing Network can not have a monopoly still maintained by about 2 people to create for all a ban list based on factors which are fetched from somewhere else.

The power to ban, to sort out the ed2k net judge between right and wrong eMule mods, without the DLP creater ever have fully tested over a longer time range periode all the mods what they ban with the DLP, if these emule mods and ed2k compatible clients give upload to all or not can not be the right thing.
If there is only one official DLP with this power made by one 'Team' called them the officials. A monopol in a shared network will remain about who have the saying and not with such ban lists. This is not suitable for eDonkey Net users are all over the world.

In the democracy there should be a public voting pool for about which mods users vote to ban and not and not a high promoted dictatorship DLP of eMule mods and compatible clients.

More than 70 % of all leecher mod users using leecher mods with enhanced features to the official mods for releasing file into the ed2k net.

The DLP can be used with all Dynamic Leecher Protection enabled mods such as:

- Mephisto
- ScarAngel
- Xtreme Mod
- Hardstyle XS
- CN Mod
- VeryCd mod
- MagicAngel
- ...
and all mods based on it

based on dlp v3.5

File Hashes from:

CRC32: ecf807cc
MD5: 248184a7e1eb0d65aa3704bf418fca91
SHA-1: b85126cb502f9a74ee3f6ad1bfacb4490d7fb6c7

Download and mirrors:
Web Site 1 - Web Site 2
antiLeech.dll | Mirror Berlin | Mirror Nuernberg | Mirror France | Mirror Russian Federation and Ukraine | Mirror Berlin | Mirror Nuernberg | Mirror France | Mirror Russian Federation and Ukraine | Mirror USA

in addition to a good DLP we suggest the original Ozzy IP Filter for P2P - No repack or rip!
---Ozzy IP Filter---
Authors Download Ozzy's site host (not zipped)

Download as zipped archive
eMule automaticaly unzip the content by update from this url: 5.1 MB | Mirror | Mirror France

I want to thank the coder for this DLP very much!


Anonymous said...

source code ?

Anonymous said...

source code ?

Anonymous said...

you say of AJ and modstring but Titandonkey and Razorback they dont send modstring , then?

CCCCC said...

Wrong English Translation in Description

cccc said...

if upload run to client hundrets mb, look on client list by total up/down of the client user, in case total downloaded is always 0 you must use manual kick or ban client

IlLusioN said...

yes there comes a source code maybe on or other open source hosts international. this is beta for testing now, the source change possible every day, working on it. Last final just use source of official v3.5, changes to it are in beta stage. Final will be on freeware sites first same time final source code.

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