Monday, January 28, 2008

µTorrent 1.8 build 8188

µTorrent Version 1.8 alpha build 8188 Changelog:
- Change: Removed the two pixel gap on both sides of the main toolbar
- Change: Add properties to torrent category menu
- Change: Give delete torrent confirmation dialog "always show this dialog"-style functionality
- Change: Give search button a style more conformant to the Vista UI guidelines if available
- Change: Make delete torrent button look pressed while its menu is up
- Change: make Search and Remove buttons consistant with IE7 search button behaviour
- Change: removed 10 pixel gap on the right side of the searchbox
- Change: Alternate listview background color to be roughly the same color as the selected column, rather then a constant gray
- Change: Increase maximum waiting time from five seconds to one minute for UAC subprocess when installing on Vista
- Change: Add confirm deletion of trackers option to UI Settings
- Change: Show graphical progress bar option is now in advanced settings
- Change: Delete key now deletes trackers in the trackers tab
- Change: Remove label setting from torrent properties dialog
- Change: Note that port 0 in the speed guide is a signal for uTorrent itself to choose the port
- Change: Make about dialog non-modal
- Change: Change text of a few updater-related checkboxes in preferences to be more specific about what they effect
- Change: Always show the selection in the tracker and file listviews, even if they don't have focus
- Change: Move items in add torrent dialog listview left a bit if there are no directories in the torrent
- Change: Max Up and Max Down have been renamed to Up Limit and Down Limit
- Fix: Some cases of controls, such as listviews, not properly updating on Windows theme change
- Fix: potential remote crash exploit
- Fix: Opening dialog on Windows 95
- Fix: Modal dialogs now correctly disable and return focus to the window they were launched from, not the main window
- Fix: Various tiny memory leaks
- Fix: Leaking of memory when closing non-modal dialogs (existed in both 1.6 and 1.7)
- Fix: corrupted URL/messsage in Add Torrent by URL dialog
- Fix: incorrect column highlighting after hiding/showing columns
- Fix: disable webui relative path parsing

µTorrent 1.8 alpha 8188

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