Tuesday, January 29, 2008

eMule 0.48a VeryCD 080126

eMule 0.48a VeryCD 080126 Build 26. Jan. 2008

Source: VeryCD.cOM
* Close eMule offline problems solved
* Nat servers congestion problems solved
* Solve network congestion problems LowId
* Amended several memory leak bugs
* Regulation 3.5 parameter optimization upload
* Reduce the source NAT exchange network load Crash three minutes after the resumption nobody will automatically ignored.

Changelog: http://www.emule.org.cn/download/changelog.txt
Download site: http://www.emule.org.cn/download
BetaSite: http://www.verycd.com/groups/eMuleBeta/

Download: http://download.verycd.com/eMule-VeryCD-Setup.exe - Mirror
SRC: http://download.verycd.com/eMule-VeryCD-Beta-src.rar

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