Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Emule Leecher Mod Pack 2

eMule v0.47c waZZa l33cher Edition v0.8

- Feature list and changelog included

emule 0.48a - !R-Mod v2.0 Leecher

- based on eMule 0.48a R-Mod V2.0 modded by pP
+ No Upload
+ No Ratio
… and more :-)

eMule 0.48a - Sins 0.5

Changelog 0.5:
- remove Aux Ports support [lugdunummaster]
- Recognize MlDonkey XS Answer
- emuleecher community + icon
- Xman client percentage
- fix bug hideos
- power release à la place de release (avec couleur rouge)
- fix:recharge la HL à 500 que si auto hl activée
- o/s par slot maxi = maxi de d’upload (capacité)
- pénalise les applejuices si mode […]

emule 0.48a - AeOnFlux 0.8.2

- based on X-treme Mod SE 6.1
- no ratio
- fakerank
- unlimited search results
- autokick….
Changelog 0.8.2:
- add dont share icoming
- add fakerank differentiated (3 levels)
- add no ban AeOnflux and odl mod
- add penalize client that have given 0 mb in upload
- fix anti-modthief (ban instant for thief mod)
- fix uploadlimit (up 1k)
- fix uploadmanagement
- fix […]

eMule 0.48a XDP 1.3 beta 3 & 1.2 final

- Authentication is hacked in version 1.2 and 1.3

eMule 0.47c K.o.T v4 Light

Changelog v4:
-Only No UP
- Correction Serveur Rotation-> Now it’s Good
- Correction Download Rate in Systray
- Principal Bugs corrected (Transfert windows/right click…etc)
- Faster EndGame
- Suppression of Contacts Kad Histogram

Emule OfF+ 2.0

made by NoXZ

Changelog 2.0:
-Le mod à était refait pour retirer les erreurs accumulées
-Optimisation of Drop auto
-Block Dropped src for 10 min (NNS & FullQ)
-Management of src KAD
-Send a Fake Rank during the NO-UP
-Percentage Client
-Send a random message to the ModThief and NickThief users (show in the log)
-Ban Community user (SNAFU)
-Some changes of no importance in […]

PirateMule 6.0

Based on eMule 0.48a TK4 2.1a
Remove Wizard
Remove Ratio
Remove Help
Add new Icons
Add Ban & Kick
Add Fake Rank X
Add 0 Upload
Fixed Upload-Slots
Fixed QueueSize
Add & Fixed Max. Queue Rank at Download
Add Donkey Ban
Add Auto Kick after 2.0MB
Add More Search
(16.51 MB)

Mirror1 - Mirror2 - Mirror3

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