Wednesday, January 16, 2008

µTorrent 1.8 Build 7835 - µTorrent 1.8 Build 7836 internal - µTorrent 1.8 Alpha 7834

2008-01-16: µTorrent Version 1.8 alpha build 7836 internal

2008-01-15: µTorrent Version 1.8 alpha build 7834
- Change: do not display remaining bytes if 0
- Fix: Pressing the associate buttons in the preferences window would get .torrent and .btsearch extensions mixed up in web browsers
- Fix: UPnP would unmap after 20 minutes instead of re-mapping
- Fix: Wrong path put in run in startup entry when installing

If you get the following error "This request operation could not be completed due to a system limitation." please try running this build, it creates a larger dump file for debugging.
µTorrent 1.8 alpha 7835

uncompressed: - Mirror - Mirror - Mirror

upx compressed: - Mirror


RNiK said...

What about uTorrent (build 7859) stable??

zickzack said...

stable, you know if think it's stable always found a bug lately, development never ending..:) testing testing alpha beta ... gamma delta gamma :))

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