Thursday, January 31, 2008

Armadillo Killer

Armadillo Killer 2.6 build 5
[x] Support Armadillo 2.60c version (CopyMemII too). Armadillo is fully defeated
again :)

Armadillo Killer 2.6 build 4
[x] Support Armadillo 2.60c versions (except CopyMemII only). Wait for few days please.
[x] One more Armadillo version is supported (
[x] Now you see only one messagebox with final message (The dump is ready. Bla-bla-bla).
[x] Support of expired version was added :) So you can easy reset trial counters for every
Armadilled application! I'm gonna to write a special app that resets trial counters and
hides a nag-screen ;) Use Armadilled applications for free.

So, it's me again and my small dumper.

It's the new version for Armadillo versions 2.5x-2.6x
( ever for stupid custom builds :).

My app dumps the application, finds the OEP (sometimes :),
and prepares protected application for ImpRec
or Revigin session. I'm going to add my import rebuilder
later but now you have to do it yourself.

Here is the list of products that use Amadillo, so
you can play with them a bit :) ( xx)xx = number 01 - 99 Halite Armadilled and older eMule / Torrent Clients with Splash shit All Sarim ( = Seba ) Productions Dr. Snake with / without Splash Screens (uTorrent 1.7x, 1.8x / BitTorrent 6.x)

jups they are the same: sarim / snakedoctor / seba14 / butcho - /
from over 400 exe protectors used the same at the same time in the past 2006 till now 2008 by freeware:

1. > July 2007 - Themida (Splashscreen support)
2. > Aug. 2007 - y0da
3. > Sep. 2007 - now Armadillo 4 - 5.x (splashscreen support in exe protector) - works only stealthy for enduser by files in original size > 1,8 MB

If you know others sites with armadilled applications
just drop me e-mail (armkiller2002#yahoo'com), I'll check
how they work :)


And few words about CopyMem-II - it's terrible thing,
it makes applications slow and unstable, runs two copies
in the RAM. My small multithread test works 45 (!!!)
times slower. So ArmKiller can help you to increase
applications' speed.

If you have any questions about work with Armadilled applications,
post them (with a link of course) on these forums:



more usefull t00lz:

Guru.eXe Website

PEdiy Website

Programmer's Tools Website

Seek n' Destroy Website

The Collaborative RCE Tool Library Website

Tuts 4 You Website

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