Tuesday, January 1, 2008

eMule v0.48a beba v1.7 by Tuxman

eMule 0.48a beba 1.7 [the big bang edition]:

Bang bang, happy new year! Some improvements, some fixes... hell!
I tried to satisfy all of your wishes, including a quite simple, switchable Release Bonus implementation and MoNKi's automatic shared files reloader. However, beba still ain't a releaser mod, so you still won't get any PowerShare, PowerRelease or something.
(I hereby urge all future beta testers to tell me that they actually test. Just to keep an overview.)

* December 31, 2007

[*]- added: Automatic shared files updater [MoNKi/Stulle, Tuxman]
[*]- added: Relative Priority [Avi3k, Tuxman]
[*] * sets multiple files' download priorities according to their source count
[*]- added: Release Bonus [sivka/Stulle, Tuxman]
[*]- improved: Kad anti-fragmenting [NetFinity]
[*]- improved: nodes.dat update now triggers automatically when needed [taz]
[*]- improved: rearranged source details window, showing full client version now [Tuxman]
[*]- improved: some stuff around the new Kad keyword cleanup [Tuxman]
[*]- fix: "Completed" display precision fix [fox88/taz]
[*]- fix: eMule sent BSOBs where it should use UINT64 [NetFinity]
[*]- fix: FDC slider wasn't disabled when calling beba prefs with inactive FDC [Tuxman]
[*]- fix: "Find all sources" didn't take care of the AHL [Spike2]
[*]- fix: "Obfuscation padding length" is now in the right group :/ [Tuxman]
[*]- fix: possible null pointer exception in ServerListCtrl.cpp [fox88]
[*]- fix: prefs tree bug in PPgTweaks.cpp [TimDzang]
[*]- fix: server sockets are deleted correctly [NetFinity]
[*]- fix: small ResString fix in WebServer.cpp [ducho]
[*]- changed: revamped beba prefs dialog [Tuxman]
[*]- changed: some icons and some menu stuff [some Tuxman]

Mirrors: Bin - SRC

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