Tuesday, January 8, 2008

eMule v0.48a Wikinger-Mod v2.3

eMule v0.48a Wikinger-Mod v2.3
Changelog eMule v0.48a Wikinger-Mod v2.3:
December, 27. 2007

- Encryption (AES 256 bit) for File-Transfers (only works Community internal)
- Secure Client Identification is always enabled if AES is enabled
- fixed bug manual adding client to IPFilter

Applejuice Creditsystem:
- fixed automatic Creditdownload in reduced Community Mode
- fixed asking only very few clients for Creditdownload in some cases

- fixed bug auto unbaning Community clients which could result stopped downloads and a crash
- updated Anti-Leecher detection lists
- manual unban in queuelist works now also for leechers
- fixed don't ban IP of Community Clients identified as leecher

- fixed minor bug in Applejuice Creditsystem queue calculations
- fixed some bugs with Active Spreading

- better Compression (bzip2) for File-Transfers (only works Community internal)
--- note: normal eMule Compression (zlib) works unchanged for non-Community Clients
- Anti modified Applejuice Clients
- always create Crashdump and show modname in Crashdump
- minor memory fixes and improvements on Community code

- show AES Client Icon for clients transfering with AES in all lists in transfer window
- show bzip2 Client Icon for Clients downloading/uploading with bzip2 in all download/upload lists
- show AES Encrypion setting of other Clients in Applejuice Clientdetails
- show bzip2 Compression setting of other Clients in Applejuice Clientdetails
- fixed message that eMule has to be restarted to enable Applejuice Community
- show 'Select Category' dialog in foreground
- do not show IPs of Clients on receiving a message
- do not show IPs of Clients in connection with filenames in verbose log
- removed Client IP from Client detail window
- changed email address for Crashdump files

AES (256 bit):
With AES all your TCP Connections and File Transfers to other Community Clients will be encrypted with 256 bit. This makes sharing more safely because it's (nearly) impossible for outsiders to see what you are sharing.

Bzip2 is a better compression than the compression eMule usually uses. So you will need a smaller amount of data to download to complete the same file, which means your downloads will be completed faster.

Removed showing of IPs:
By not showing IPs of other Clients eMule Applejuice gives it's users more privacy and security. eMule Applejuice Mods are blind cause all other mods show them IPs -:)

Download: - Mirror
unpacked (unhook the dll and the exe work): - Mirror

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