Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Shareaza 2008-01-08

(Sun, 06 Jan 2008)
Fixed assertion for right-click menus (NULL menu is valid)
(Mon, 07 Jan 2008)
Added Unicode project option for Debug builds
(Mon, 07 Jan 2008)
Added alpha support for library file context menu (one file only; no skin)


* Installer - This is the full installer and the normal way Shareaza is distributed.
* Standalone - This is just the Shareaza.exe and can be placed directly into an existing Shareaza installation. Most of the time this one can be used just fine but sometimes changes are made to the installer and Shareaza.exe won't function correctly until the installer is run. It is recommended that Installer be used instead of Standalone.


32 bit
installer: Shareaza_Debug_2008-01-08.exe (11.88 MB)
zip: (3.34 MB)

64 bit
installer: Shareaza_Debug_2008-01-08x64.exe (12.09 MB)
zip: (3.97 MB)

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