Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ConvertXToDVD v2.99.10.600 [RC2]

Here is the download link to the second Release Candidate [RC2] of ConvertXtoDVD 3 which will be referred to as version 2.99.x.600. There may still be bugs to fix.

programed in Delphi


Download ConvertXtoDVD 2.99.x.600

List of changes in version .600 RC2

ConvertXtoDVD -

Release Candidate 2:
solve issues with Burning SDK,
solve issues with subtitles embedded in Mkv,
solve issues with menu backgrounds
solve other minor issues
add more command line switches for best batch support

- 0001442: [Feature Request] final log sentence
- 0001448: [Feature Request] Disable burning by switch
- 0001550: [Suggestion] hide 16:9 display in menu text style editor
- 0001534: [Bug] Adding a jpg to title menu background, prompts that it also contains audio
- 0001553: [Bug] Background Menu / Custom Video Starting Times always starts at 00:00
- 0001546: [Suggestion] modify watermark in video
- 0001532: [Bug] v2.99.9.416: Access violation trying to convert a specific .MKV file
- 0001539: [Bug] can't burn because filename ( unicode pb ? )
- 0001545: [Bug] old link not updated for "_func/upgradeProduct/"


for old CPU's:

updated exe [diff] ConvertXtoDvd.rar v2.99.10.600 (online activation svr check unhooked,...) since older Version [RC1]

...copy the program exe (difference [diff] since RC1: ConvertXtoDvd.rar) to program dir

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