Monday, March 19, 2007

µTraitor 1.26

µLeech - Normal download and upload multiplied by 10
µHit - No download and normal upload (incl. Start version)
µRun - No download or upload and shown as seeder (incl. Start version)
µSeed - No download and upload multiplied by 10 (incl. Start version)
µStealth - No download or upload and not shown
µTorrent - Normal

Package also includes newest version of RatioMaster, NRPG RatioMaster, 1 Before Upload (1BU) and 9 Before Upload (9BU) versions of µLeech and µSeed

µHit, µRun and µStealth use the same settings.

Do this after the installation:
1. Open µTorrent, press CTRL+P and press the “Associate with .torrent files” button.
2. Open the ports 22340-22343 on your router to become connectable.
3. Restart your computer in order for the hotkeys to work.

Up to date:
The installation executable downloads the latest µTraitor for you!
(For this to install correctly you need windows installer)

Download: uTraitor_v_126.rar (62.69 KB) (Mirror)
uTraitor / (Mirror)

(more…) info and FAQ on Friend Blogger page.

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