Saturday, March 3, 2007

eMule 0.47c BastarD 1.8.3

  • [ADD]PowerRelease: works only for complete files and gives a 100x boost to a file. Files in this status are colored in pink.
  • [ADD]FastWeb public IP address ranges added for check agaist illegal clients
  • [ADD]Advantages provided to regular clients (including, but not limited to poweshare, small file push and SUQWT) are removed for illegal clients
  • [ADD]Postit-like area for adding notes to friends. Will be automatically saved and reloaded at each start-up.
  • [ADD]Few shortcuts in Shared Files window for modifing file priorities (works on a multiselection as well)
    - [CTRL]+[+] increases priority (till the max = 10)
    - [CTRL]+[-] decrease priority (till the minimum = 1)
    - [CTRL]+[X] enable autopriority
    - [CTRL]+[S] enable PowerShare
    - [CTRL]+[R] enable PowerRelease (applied only of the file is complete)
  • [ADD]Minimum QR value shown next to number of available sources
  • [ADD]NiceMove from Ionix
  • [ADD]Reason for score reduction, in order of importance:
    - [G] 0.0x - client is GPL breaker
    - [V] 0.5x - client version (older than v0.25)
    - [I] 0.1x - client is recognized as illegal
    - [F] 0.1x - client belongs to Fastweb and has a U:D ratio < 1
    - [S] 0.8x - client has unsecure identification
    - [R] var - client is beyond FineCS friendly U-D threshold
  • [ADD]New columns:
    - in Client Upload List : upload contitions [file priority/rating/U-D diff]
    - in Known Client List : [rating/U-D diff]
    - in Waiting Queue List : U-D diff info added in rating column
    - in Shared Files List : For each file amount of completed data or "Complete" description
  • [CNG]New list of filtered fake and unsecure servers
  • [FIX]Chat log files are now created even though the remote user has unprintable chars in his/her nickname
  • Probably some other minor things I have not traced




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