Wednesday, March 7, 2007

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Anonymous said...

Muy buena esta página

Anonymous said...

muy buena

WebZA said...

mucho Gracias

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

great mod...

Anonymous said...

please if you can get xoftspy se on the website,that would be cool..this is the best antispyware software on the internet

IlLusioN said...


morph4u said...

ZZ-R/RS V1.8



morph4u said...



Apace V1.0 Beta 1 (Based on X-Ray v1.6)

+ Setable Modstring
+ New undetectable Random Modstring
+ Community
+ Active Permission
+ Emulate Others
+ Non eMule clients
+ MinQR
+ Single Client reask
+ Max. Uploadslot Control
+ Friend Settings in all Lists
+ Friendboost
+ Remove all Friendslots
+ Automatic Friendslot
+ Mark Friends Green
+ Log Friends
+ Mark LowID Yellow
+ Mark Friendslot Blue
+ Download in Red
+ Download in Bold
+ Upload Start Sense
+ Kick/Ban in Lists
+ Push to Upload
+ Drop Single Client
+ Select all Files
+ Copy eD2K Links
+ Server rotation
+ Shutdown after Download
+ En/Disable Community from Toolsmenu
+ MiniMule Auto Close
+ MiniMule Transparency
+ Dont publish
+ Upload Country Filter
+ Community Nick Addon Faker
+ Queuesize Tweaks
+ Unlimited Slot
+ Spamming server column at searchresults
+ Search colors
+ No Ratio
+ Unlimited search results
+ Argos made editable
+ Little Fixes
- Help
- MobileMule
- SendMail
- VerrsionsCheck
- TextToSpeech
- Splashscreen
- Removed many faetures from x-ray

antileech.dll without:

- FlowerPower
- NextEvolution
- TR-P2P-MoD
- Ulti
- TCMatic 3

Todo (known Bugs):

Powershare have Limits and must be changed in future.

Argos Modthief detection have a bug and
detect own Mod to Mod (the modstring you send) as Modthief.
Disable Modthief detection or better use "Random Modstring".

Apace is developed by morph4u

morph4u said...

Apace V1.1 eMule 0.49b


Apace+ V1.1 eMule 0.49b



+ European Community (switchable) [Tr0nYx]
+ Fixed little bug in Eu-Commlist [Tr0nYx]
+ Send real Modstring only to Eu-Community [Tr0nYx]
+ Counter for Eu-Community Members [Tr0nYx]
+ Color Eu-Community blue
+ No Captcha for Eu-Community
+ More Columns in Eu-Commlist
+ Community Overlay Icon
+ Chunk Control
+ Friends/Comm exclude from CUF hardcoded
+ Fixed little bug in CUF
+ Manual Reask Server/KAD
+ Some little fixes [morph4u/umek/Tr0nYx]
- Removed Download Chunk Display's to save resources

Anonymous said...

Hammer Seite Thanks....

Anonymous said...

eMule PRO 2.1

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