Wednesday, March 21, 2007

eMule 0.47c HighTime v1.5

HighTime 1.5


+ Code Improvement for choosing to use Compression[XMan]
+ Variable Compression[netF]
+ updated ReAsk-Source-after-IP-Change Code

it give 2 Versions
1 Version without All Leech Options
1 Version with Applejuice Community

HighTime v1.4.2

+ Closed Backdoor v2[Maella]
+ Ultra Leecher Secure[spike2]
+ Some PrefPages from Spike2 Mod
+ Another Pref Page
+ setable ClientbanTime[spike2]
+ CorruptionBlackbox Banthreshold setable[spike2]
+ Min/Max Uploadslots[spike2]
+ List of don't ask this ips[cyrex2001]
+ Spooky Mode/Con Checker[cyrex2001]
+ 80% Score for non SUI[Xman]
+ AntileechClass[Wizard]
+ AntiShape[Netfinity]
* Sivka Credit back to official
+ Dazzle Maps for Faster Source adding by IP
+ some extra loglines

Homepage: Forum site:

Neo Mule v4.25 HighTime Edition
Share Level[Dazzle]
Share Options[Dazzle]
Part File/Friendboost[KTS]
Community Boost/Anticomm Punish
Manual Kick/Ban/Push/Add2IpFilter
some little changes in Score System
u find all Prefs on the Neo Options Page
based on NeoMule v4.25

eMule 0.47c HighTime v1.5 AJ.rar (2.52 MB) - (Mirror)
eMule 0.47c HighTime v1.4.1 bin.rar (2.5 MB) - (Mirror)
eMule 0.47c HighTime v1.4.rar without AJ (2.51 MB) - (Mirror)
eMule 0.47c NeoMule v4.25 HighTime Edition bin.rar (3.2 MB) - (Mirror)


Anonymous said...

'adding to filter' adds IP with octets in reverse order, thus this is not blocking clients. Could you fix that?
At present I have to manually edit entries with notepad :)

Anonymous said...

Will you share it with us? Please send a link for downloading. Thanks

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