Thursday, March 15, 2007

How to convert and burn a Player compatible mac .daa movie image file to CD

1. Use PowerISO to extract the .daa image (almost you get a .dat file) Download PowerISO 3.6 reg with Key or from here.
2. Convert the .dat file to mpeg (mpg) with VCDGear v3.55 (GUI) and update to VCDGear v3.56 build 050213 BETA (GUI).
3. Burn the mpg file with VCDEasy v3.1.0 or Download from Mirror.

The Last King Of Scottland . daa, extract the mac image with PowerISO the content is a over 800 mb big .dat file. The dat file can be converted with VCDGear within less than a minute to a mpeg file. This mpeg file won't match on a single cd with nero as vcd give a over 1 gig stream, VCDEasy will fit it to a single 700 mb vcd without quality lost.

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