Friday, March 16, 2007

eMule 0.47c The Killer Bean v15

=The Killer Bean v15=-

Update (partial) from : NetF WARP 0.3a.3 BETA
Updated : UpdateItemThread (MORPH)
Updated : Enhanced Client Recognition (Stulle /spike)
Updated : Enhanced DBR (MORPH)
Updated : QRDiff (Avi3k/X-Ray)
Updated : Client percentage (Commander)
Updated : Copy UL-feedback (IcEcRacKer/Xman)

Removed : L2HAC (enkeyDEV)
Removed : Crumbs (Netfinity)
Removed : double sendsize (Xman/Spike)
Removed : MTU-Setting (Spike)
Removed : Some Unused Parts of Code

Added : FileInfo QR (CB)
Added : Determine Remote Speed based (MORPH)
Added : Display Upload Chunk (?)
Added : Spread Requests (Stulle)
Added : Downloading Chunk Detail Display (MORPH)
Added : AutoSoftLock (Davis Xanatos)
Added : PartCompletionSpeedUp (X-Ray)
Added : CacheUDPSearchResults (itsonlyme)
Added : Fadeout on Exit (X-Ray)
Added : OfflineFriendData (X-Ray)
Added : Static IP Filter (Stulle)
Added : show virtual sources (Xman /MORPH)
Added : advanced upload-priority (Xman)
Added : [FMTU] Find MTU/MSS value (BlueSonicBoy)
Added : uint16 is not enough (MORPH)
Added : lh require obfuscated server connection (MORPH)
Added : SharedView Ed2kType (Avi3k/WiZaRd)

Fixes : BlueSonicBoy / Wizard / Xman / MORPH / flo / Dazzle

-=The Killer Bean v14=-

Based on : Netf Warp 0.2b (partial)

Added : Optimizer [TPT]
Added : askfordownload priority [Xman]
Added : QRETA [Xman]
Added : Reduced CPU usage [Xman/netfinity]
Added : L2HAC [enkeyDEV]
Added : IP to Country [AndCycle/Xman]
Added : UpdateItemThread [Morph]
Added : Fix Connection Collision [Morph/SiRoB]
Added : Optimization requpfile [Morph/SiRoB]
Added : QRdiff [Avi3k]
Added : QueueListInfo [CB]
Added : QuickStart [?]
Added : Extended clean-up II [Maella]
Added : always call setLinke_client [Morph]
Added : Smart Upload Control v2 (SUC) [Morph from Lovelace]
Added : Disable Source Exchange Between Clients [STORMIT]
Added : Emulate other [WiZaRd/Torni/Spike2]
Added : Don't kill client/Don't kill source.... [Morph/SiRoB]
Added : holds the failed connection attempts [Xman]
Added : find best sources [Xman]
Added : PayBack First [TKB]
Added : don't overwrite bak files [Xman]
Added : LoopImprovement [Xanatos]
Added : BetterClientAttaching [Xanatos]
Added : reask after ID change [?]
Added : friendhandling [Xman]
Added : seeTheNeed [xrmb]
Added : ChunkDots optimization [CB]
Added : Chunk Visual Separation [CB]
Added : Source cache [Xman/Stulle]
Added : decreasing source exchange speed [spanish_man]
Added : chunk chooser [Xman]
Added : Estimated Wait Time [Dazzle]
Added : Import Parts [SR13]
Added : count requested blocks on this file [pP]
Added : enable to see a client allow to view shared files [flo]
Added : FakeCheck [kts/Loulach]
Added : color user names based on their current status [Gaijin]
Added : searchCatch [Slugfiller]
Added : saveSources [Slugfiller]
Added : A4aF [?]
Added : SPECIAL STATS Menu [Spe64/Lama]
Added : slotRelease [Slugfiller]
Added : Sourcesdrops [pP]
Added : ed2k-Link Forum [Hawkstar]
Added : Stop Single Client [Xman]
Added : copy feedback feature [Morph/SiRoB]
Added : Fake Manager [kts]
Added : Manual Reasks [LSD]
Added : CPU & RAM info [sicks]
Added : SafeHash [Slugfiller]
Added : prevent duplicate downloads [srmb/Gaijin]
Added : priority control [pP]
Added : optional DeadSourceList [pP]
Added : StandAlone [Xanatos]
Added : AutoHardlimit [pP]
Added : dynamic IP-Filters [Xman]
Added : WINSOCK2 [TPT]
Added : upnp [Xman]
Added : ReadBlockFromFileThread [SiRoB]
Added : Flush Thread [SiRoB]
Added : Anti-Leecher-Log [Xman]
Added : Automatic Friend Slot [Telp]
Added : mergeKnown [Slugfiller]
Added : powerrelease change [Spe64]
Added : see on uploadqueue [Xman]
Added : Report hashing files [Mighty Knife]
Added : Nice Hash [Xman]
Added : hideOS [Slugfiller/Xman]
Added : Push Rare Files [TKB]
Added : Init-Hashtable optimization [Xman]
Added : Close Backdoor v2 [Maella/Xman]
Added : IntelliFlush [WiZaRd]
Added : better chunk selection [Xman]
Added : MTU-Settings [Spike2]
Added : Use double sendsize [Xman]
Added : remove unused AICH-hashes [Xman]
Added : push part file [TKB]
Added : QueueListInfo [CB]
Added : PowerRelease [Xman]
Added : Share Ratio [CB]
Added : Copy UL-feedback [IcEcRacKer]
Added : slotfocus [pP]
Added : boostfriend [EastShare]
Added : better passive source finding [Xman]
Added : Push Smal Files [VQB]
Added : Queue Per File push [Slugfiller]
Added : IP Filter & Fake Check AutoUpdate [Many]
Added : Banner [TPT]

Fixes & Code Improvement : WiZaRd, Xman, Sirob, TK4, CiccioBastardo, Xanatos, Tuxman.
Thx to TKB & Dirty_Harry
tutoriel sur la Killer Bean

eMule 0.47c - TheKillerBean v15.rar (2.35 MB) - (Mirror)
éxécutable (ed2k)
-sources (ed2k)

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