Thursday, March 1, 2007

eMule 0.47c - PP-EdiTion v01b

based on PP-EdiTioN v0.1b [Hexistenz & DuKe]
- add argos system
- remove ratio
- add no upload
- if upload disable : don't send files list to servers
- add no share incoming folder
- remove RB3 filter
- and many more ...


eMule_PP-EdiTion.47c (Original by Hexistenz & DuKe)

eMule_PP-Edition.47c [v0.1b] NoRatio (2nd Edition)

eMule v0.47c NiTrO PP-EdiTion v0.1b plus (Sebas Edition)

NEW VERSION: eMule 0.47c PP-EdiTioN v0.2

Changes: DeviceID Outlook - Splashscreen and Ads messages as in generic human natures.

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