Tuesday, March 20, 2007

eMule 0.47c MorphXT v9.6

This version adds a new option "show less controls" in the startup wizard that
tunes the top bar & some lists so less information is shown. So you can now also advice
morph to your beginner friends... Also the new icon as choosen in the forum poll is
implemented here. Download the emule binary from sourceforge.

Changelog for eMule 0.47c MorphXT v9.6

  • ADD: Startup wizard, Show less controls: custimize toolbar and columns to show some less. Useful for beginners.
  • FIX: load of multiuser web interface preferences in [webserver] section.
  • FIX: mass rename:Unicode issue .
  • FIX: Upnp: hang on close of upnp.
  • CHANGED: massrename: resizeable dialog.
  • CHANGED: Run as service. method "started" reported earlier.
  • CHANGED: Run as service. Disabled some optimizations to fix 100% load issue.
  • CHANGED: workarround failing to startup under wine.
  • CHANGED: icon & tray icon.
  • CHANGED: upnp "my info" displayed.
  • CHANGED: upload splitting class: review code.
  • CHANGED: ZZratio is active display in connection options.
  • CHANGES: iMaxFilesPerTcpFrame in local server request tuned.

Version: 9.6 Filesize: 3.95 MB Download: (3.95 MB) New Today New Today
SRC and older Versions + mirrors

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