Monday, March 5, 2007

emule 0.47c HighTime v1.4.1


hightime 2

HighTime v1.4.1

+ Use HideOs without Powerrelease[Spe64]
+ Powerrelease with HideOs[Xman]
+ Smart Upload Control[lovelace]
+ Read Block From File Thread[Sirob]
+ Disable Source Exchange[Antares]
+ Remember Unused AICH Hash[Xman]
+ Slot Release[Slugfiller]
+ Queue Per File Boost[Slugfiller]
+ Optional DeadSourceList[pp]
- Mobile Mule
- Scheduler
- Version Check

HighTime v1.4

This Version is without AJ-Community, this Version has the dazzle Features which are not in AJ-Version

+ ReAsk Sources after IP Change[Maella]
+ Fake Check
+ Fake Manager[KTS]
+ Funny Nicks[Miles]
+ SLS[enkeyDev]
+ DropSources[LSD]
+ SharePermissions[xMule]
- all code from StulleMule(DropSources/XP-Style-Menues)
- TextToSpeech
- Notifier

HighTime v1.3

1.3 Source ist abhanden gekommen ...

HighTime v1.2

add official ratio (min up 12 for no ratio)
uss min upload 9
removed dazzle share Options
Shared Files Request Icon[flo]
Manuell Drop sources[Stulle]
changed StandardUserName
adjustable boosts

thx 2 Ekliptor for -->
undetectable Applejuice Community[Ekliptor]
ignore Full Queue for Community Clients (they can always entry the Queue)[Ekliptor]
ignore File Hard Limit for Community Clients[Ekliptor]
better sending of Queuerank to Community Clients on first connect[Ekliptor]
send Average Uploadrate to Community Clients[Ekliptor]
Community Source Exchange[Ekliptor]
Upload Levels[Ekliptor]

HighTime v1.1

added missing SpecialStats switch
fixed Options saved corect
removed ratio

HighTime v1
complete New Version
based on eMuleFuture v0.2


XP Style Menüs[Stulle]
Dazzle Share Options
Dazzle Share Level
Push Part Files[KTS]
Push Small Files[KTS]
Push Rare Files[KTS]
Drop Sources[Stulle]
Infinite Queue[Slugfiller]
Fake Server Filter[CiccioBastardo]
choose sended Modstring[Spe64]
Anonym Mod[Sicks]
Boost Friends[KTS]
Community Detection[MightyKnife]
Community Boost
AntiCommunity Punishment
Share only with Mule Clients[Dazzle]
UploadPrio in Downloadlist[Xanatos]
Manual ReAsk Server[LSD]
Manual ReAsk XS[LSD]
Manual ReAsk Single Source[Sicks]
Manual Push & Kick[KTS]
Manual Ban[???]
Manual Kick & Add 2 IpFilter[Sicks]
Show CPU & Memory in TransferWnd & Session Stats[Sicks]
Some Extra Collums in Uploadlist[KTS]
Credit System[Sivka]
Changed Some Colors, Symbols, Banner

Development and Support Board:


eMule 0.47c - HighTime v1.4.rar (2.13 MB) - (Mirror1) - (Mirror2)
eMule 0.47c - HighTime v1.4.1.rar (2.49 MB) - (Mirror1) - (Mirror2)

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