Thursday, March 1, 2007

eMule 0.46a - Ketamine V.10 RC2


v9 Final:

- Create a new Tree in Statistics tab named "Ketamine +" ;-)
- More infos in Feedback.txt....
- One more adjustable setting for QuickStart: Max Half Connections
- "Super Drop": a button in Transfer window to drop all FullQ, NNS, HQRS (choosen in Prefs), Error, Too many connections....(don't use too often it's useless !)
- More details in Ketamine log
- Fix some check box in Security tab
- $ave money's feature works only if you enable Upload management
- $ave money's feature doesn't need batch file contained in your Ketamine folder to shutdown Windows XP
- "ShutdownXP.bat" is automatically removed from your Ketamine folder on eMule start up (if it exist)
- Removed picture inside Pref. Ketamine tab.

WARNING: v9 Final crash if you try to change language !


- Re added a column in serverlist (failed)
- Re added 'Message'
- Removed Ketamine Upload
- Re added No Ratio @ 1kb/s
- Removed some infos in Feedback.txt
- Review drop management (again)
- Ban 2 IPFilter
- Adjust Client Ban time
- Adjust Up Kick (1024kb-50Mb)
- Files in 'stop' in grey in Downloadlist
- Files in 'release' in red and in grey if priority is "very low" in Sharedfileslist
- Reward Me!
- More favoritism for friends and community's users
- Create a new folder called 'Ketamine' in eMule directory
- Feedback.txt's files are now generated in Ketamine folder
- Feedback.txt's from eMule directory are automatically removed (if they exist)
- Save Money (batch file is auto generated on start up in Ketamine folder)
- Adjust max connections and time for QuickStart
- Clean Ban List (manual)
- Slot control
- Ban after Up Kick
- Fix crash on exit, in downloadlist and in sharedfileslist.
- Now some tweaks already present in v9a are adjustable (up management, ban...) and some others of v9b too.


- Winsock 2
- Relax on start up
- Feedback v0.2
- Review drop management
- Review QuickStart (you can disable it)
- ModLog
- Ketamine upload
- Adjustable Server Rotation
- Mini queue size: 100
- Ban some nicks and mod_version
- New ratio: if up<4> Changelog/Features

- Not added from eMule 0.46a (SendMail, Speech, manual max src per file)
- Moved "Super Drop" and "Auto feedback on demand" in DownloadList menu
- Fixed "Super Drop".
- More system infos in Ketamine Tree of Statistics window
- Added a timer for "Save Money" feature
- Removed MiniMule
- Removed Wizard
- Removed VersionCheck
- You can now disable "No Up during QS"
- Some changes concerning "Fake eMule communities" and "emulate other clients"
- In général, v10 RC1 is a little bit more agressive than v9 Final
- Able to play sound (on start, on complete files, on exit, for about Ketamine box) (see ReadMe.txt)
- Review organisation of Ketamines's tab
- Removed "Ketamine AutoHL" remplaced by WiZard one (always active)
- Auto remove "Feedback's .txt files" on start up, if they exist, from Ketamine folder because now generated in a new folder
- Created 2 folders in Ketamine folder: "Feedback" and "Sounds"
- Moved "downloads.txt ( and .bak) from application directory to configuration folder
- Upload kick is now in MB and accept decimal values
- Added a "Special Upload Kick" only for friends and Keta users, also in MB with decimal values (mini 9.2Mb)
- You can now switch between rvb and official CS
- You can now disable "Auto feedback on exit"
- You can open "Preferences.ini" from Tool menu
- "Show position" in Uploadlist and Queuelist
- Removed 2 columns in Queuelist
- Added "Up2Up" features from Ketamine v6g
- Added "Manual Clean Queue" (see Downloadlist menu + Log traces)
- Removed Log traces of Fake rank (feature is still present)
- Added "Whois" from Serverlist
- Added an "About Ketamine" box (system menu)

-> Ketamine Custom: encapsulate many things:

- You can put your own color for ~ 30 elements (background windows, download files, upload files.....see Ketamine Custom tab)
- You can put "Bold" for some elements
- You can put your own color for 2 Trees (text and background)
- Added some nice color pickers
- You can custom GroupBox (color, alignement, font...)
- Custom some PushButtons
- You can change some Windows system colors (aka Funnyshits)
- You can select your own font for more text that in offcial eMule 0.46a (and removed the selection of eMule 0.46a)

v10 RC2:

- Fixed "No Up during QS"
- Removed one column in Queuelist (asked) and 2 columns in Serverlist (ping and failed)
- You can color complete files in DL list.

->Known Bugs from v10 RC2:

- v10 RC2 crashes if you apply for a new language (see tip with Pref.ini).
- Sometimes, QuickStart's values are not correctly restored after QS.
- Maybe "default search results color isn't correct (put your own one).
This mod don't have a upload limit but 10kb will be a good.

eMule 0.46a - Ketamin v10 RC2.rar (1.39 MB) - (Mirror)

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